Planning & Counseling

The School of Informatics and Computing provides counseling services to assist students in planning their study. Students who have chosen a major are assigned an advisor and should make an appointment with that advisor prior to each registration period to discuss long-term goals as well as specific course work for the upcoming semester. Consulting an advisor is a semester-by-semester obligation of students to ensure ongoing progress toward a degree.

Students, however, are responsible for their progress. They should be thoroughly familiar with the general requirements for an informatics degree or a computer science degree. Students are urged to complete most of their general education requirements during their freshman and sophomore years.

When planning a program, students should refer to both the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin and this bulletin. Special attention should be paid to course descriptions and prerequisites. This bulletin identifies prerequisites with a “P,” corequisites with a “C,” and recommended courses with an “R.” Students should not enroll in courses for which they do not have the prerequisites. Instructors may require a student to drop a class if the student has not fulfilled the prerequisites.

Academic Bulletins

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