Undergraduate Programs

BS in Computer Science

SoIC General Education and Major Requirements

** Equivalent honors versions of regular courses may substitute for all requirements. **

SoIC General Education

English Composition (3 cr.)  This applies only to students who fulfilled Common-Ground English Composition with a grade of  C-.

One of the following options with a minimum grade of C:

  • ENG-W 131
  • ENG-W 170
  • ENG-L 141 and L 142
  • AAAD-A 141 and A 142
  • Two semesters of ENG-W 143 combined with two introductory courses, CMLT-C 145, C 146

Intensive Writing (3 cr.)

One intensive writing course at the 200 level or above after completing the English composition requirement. Intensive writing courses at IUB are defined by the College of Arts and Sciences. Students must check the listings for courses in the online enrollment system each semester to make certain that the course section they have chosen fulfills the requirement.

Natural Science (12 cr.)

Select twelve credit hours from the following:

  • PSY-P 106 General Psychology
  • PSY-P 211 Methods of Experimental Psychology
  • COGS-Q 270 Experiments and Models in Cognition
  • AST (any course)
  • BIOL (any course)
  • CHEM (any course)
  • GEOL (any course)
  • PHYS (any course)

General Electives

Remaining credit hours may be used to fulfill minors or pursue personal interests. Students may obtain a  maximum of three minors. A maximum of 4 HPER-E credit hours and 10 MUS-X credit hours below the 100 level may be used in total hours.

Major Requirements

Students must complete the following:

Core courses:

  • CSCI-C 211 Introduction to Computer Science
  • CSCI-C 212 Introduction to Software Systems
  • CSCI-C 241 Discrete Structures for Computer Science
  • CSCI-C 343 Data Structures

One approved specialization (see specializations area in bulletin)

45 hours including Core courses and Specialization with the remaining courses drawn from the following list – at least 26 of the 45 hours must be at the 300 level or above.

  • CSCI C, P, H and B courses numbered 200 and above
  • CSCI-Y 390* Undergraduate Independent Study
  • CSCI-Y 391* Undergraduate Independent System Development
  • CSCI-Y 399* Project in Professional Practice
  • CSCI-Y 499* Honors Research
  • CSCI-H 498 Honors Seminar (at most 1 hour)
  • MATH-M 471 Numerical Anaylsis I
  • MATH-M 472 Numerical Anaylsis I
  • INFO-I 101 Introduction to Informatics (if completed before or concurrently with CSCI-C 212)
  • INFO-Y 395 Career Development for Informatics Major
  • INFO-I 494/INFO-I 495 Design and Development of an Information System - authorization required, please see advisor

* Only 6 total hours in these 4 courses

Math and Science Requirement:

  • MATH-M 211 Calculus I (or equivalent proficiency)

Select two from the following:

  • MATH-M 212 Calculus II
  • MATH-M 213 Accelerated Calculus
  • MATH-M 300 (all 300 level courses)
  • MATH-M 400 (all 400 level courses)
  • MATH-T 321 Intuitive Topology
  • MATH-T 336 Topics in Euclidean Geometry
  • MATH-T 403 Modern Algebra for Secondary Teachers
  • ECON-E 370 Statistical Analysis for Business and Economics
  • LAMP-L 316 Junior Seminar: Analytical Problem Solving
  • PHIL-P 251 Intermediate Symbolic Logic
  • PHIL-P 350 Logic of Sets
  • PHIL-P 352 Logic and Philosophy
  • STAT-S 320 Introduction to Statisitics    

Specialization Area Courses

Students should, in consultation with their academic advisor, choose a specialization area before their sophomore year. Students must receive a minimum grade of C– in each course and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in their specialization area. Please consult the specialization section of this bulletin for the list of specialization areas.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Honors

Students must satisfy the requirements for the B.S. in Computer Science degree and the following additional requirements:

  • Overall GPA 3.3 or greater
  • Computer Science major GPA 3.3 or greater
  • Completion of at least 11 hours of CSCI honors courses (CSCI-H or CSCI-Y 499)
  • At least 29 of the 45 hours required for the major completed at the 300 level or above

Academic Bulletins

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