Academic Policies & Procedures

Grading Policies

Pass/Fail Option

Students in the School of Informatics and Computing may elect to take a maximum of 12 credit hours total under the Pass/Fail option. The procedure for declaring this option can be found in the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin or the Registration Guide and Academic Information. Special regulations affecting the Pass/Fail option for School of Informatics students are as follows:

  • Only one course per semester or one course per summer session can be taken under the Pass/Fail option.
  • School of Informatics students may take only university elective courses or general elective courses on a Pass/Fail basis. The Pass/Fail option may not be used for any course that satisfies the requirements for a minor or certificate.
  • A grade of P is not counted in the grade point average; a grade of F is included. Grades of P cannot be changed to any other letter grade.
  • Pass/Fail forms are available in the School of Informatics Office and the Computer Science Office.

Academic Bulletins

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