Undergraduate Programs

BS in Informatics

Public and Environmental Affairs Cognate

  • SPEA-E 418 Vector-Based GIS OR V450 GIS in Public Management
  • SPEA-V 461 Computer Application in Public Affairs
  • SPEA-V 475 Database Management Systems
In addition, students must select a focus area from one of the following:

Option I: Environmental Issues
  • SPEA E418 Vector-Based GIS
  • Select two courses from the following;
  • SPEA-E 325 Computing for Environmental Scientists
  • SPEA-E 363 Environmental Management
  • SPEA-E 419 Applied Remote Sensing
  • SPEA-E 466 International and Comparative Environmental Policy
  • SPEA-E 476 Environmental Law and Regulation
Option II: Health Issues
  • SPEA-H 320 Heath Systems Administration
  • At least one of the following:
  • SPEA-H 316 Environmental Health
  • SPEA-H 402 Hospital Administration
  • SPEA-H 411 Long-Term Care Administration
Option III: Urban Affairs
Select two courses from the following:
  • SPEA-V 340 Urban Government Administration
  • SPEA-V 368 Managing Government Operations
  • SPEA-V 372 Government Finance and Budgets
  • SPEA-V 421 Metropolitan Development
Option IV: Public Policy Analysis
Select two courses from the following:
  • SPEA-V 348 Management Science
  • SPEA-V 370 Research Methods and Statistical Modeling
  • SPEA-V 386 Case Studies for Policy Analysis
  • SPEA-V 401 Finance and Cost Benefit Analysis
Option V: Public Finance
SPEA V372 Government Finance and Budgets
Select one of the following:
SPEA-V 346 Introduction to Government Accounting and Financial Reporting
SPEA-V 361 Financial Management
SPEA-V 401 Financial and Cost-Benefit Analysis
SPEA-V 441 Topics in Financial Management and Policy

Capstone Experience:
SPEA-V 461 System Analysis and Design will serve as a capstone experience and should be taken as the last course in the cognate sequence. This is a project-oriented course, in which students select projects related to their focus areas. A SPEA faculty member with expertise in that particular area will direct this project.

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