Undergraduate Programs

BS in Informatics

Linguistics Cognate


  • LING-L 303 Introduction to Linguistic Analysis
  • LING-L 306 Phonetics
Any two of the following courses:
  • LING-L 307 Phonology
  • LING-L 308 Morphology
  • LING-L 310 Syntax
  • LING-L 325 Semantics
  • LING-L 431 Field Methods
One of the following courses:
  • LING-L 445 Introduction to Computational Linguistics
  • LING-L 485 Topics in Linguistics
  • MATH-M 385 Mathematics from Language, or any course from outside the Department of Linguistics with sufficient computational content, subject to approval by the Linguistics Undergraduate Advisor.

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