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School of Social Work 2001-2003 Bulletin

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School of Social Work 2001-2003 Bulletin Table of Contents

School of Social
Work 2001-2003
Academic Bulletin

Indiana University School of Social Work 
Education/Social Work Building 
902 West New York Street, Rm. 4138 
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5156 
Local: (317) 274-6705 
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Selected Student Services: Indianapolis Campus

Career Information
Financial Assistance
Student Housing
Student Organizations
Student Employee Health Service
Students with Disabilities

Career Information

Information about employment in specific careers is available from Indiana University Career and Employment Services, Business/SPEA Building 2010, (317) 274-2554, e-mail: career@iupui.edu, and the School of Social Work's Office of Student Services.

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Financial Assistance

Opportunities for financial aid for graduate students are different from those for undergraduates. It is important to understand that graduate students are only eligible for loans from IU financial aid. Additionally, the School of Social Work has some limited funds available for tuition assistance. Persons interested in financial aid should contact the following office:

Office of Financial Aid
Cavanaugh Hall, CA 103
425 University Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5140
Undergraduate: (317) 274-4162
Graduate: (317) 278-4723
E-mail: finaid5@iupui.edu
Web: www.iupui.edu/~finaid
Information regarding financial awards from the School of Social Work will be made available to students at the beginning of the academic year.

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Student Housing

Single and married students from all IUPUI divisions and schools are eligible to file applications for accommodations on campus.

University housing inquiries and requests for applications should be addressed to the following:

Department of Campus Housing IUPUI
Ball Residence Hall
1226 W. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5180
Telephone: (317) 274-7200
E-mail: reshalls@iupui.edu
An off-campus rental information file is available in the campus housing office. Interested persons must check the card file for rental listings in person.

The cost of living in Indianapolis is comparable to that of other Midwestern cities of similar size. It is impossible to give an accurate figure, but in addition to student fees, room and board begin at approximately $600 per month, bus fare, laundry, and incidentals may average $150 monthly, and books and supplies cost approximately $250 per semester. Expenditures for personal items depend upon the individual student.

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Student Organizations

Students of the school maintain B.S.W. and M.S.W. Social Work Student Associations, which sponsor program meetings and social affairs during the year. Through elected officers and committees, the associations serve as important channels for communication between students and faculty. In addition, these organizations appoint student representatives to various school committees. Students also are encouraged to participate in organizations related to the social work profession. Information about these organizations can be found in the B.S.W. and M.S.W. Student Handbooks.

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Student Employee Health Service

All students are eligible to be seen on a fee basis for health services available through the Indiana University Student Employee Health Service of the IU Medical Center in Indianapolis. For information call (317) 274-8214. In addition to these services, students may apply for blanket medical expense coverage that also will insure dependents of students. For information or to apply, call (317) 278-1159. The Web site for insurance information is www.student-resources.net.

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Students with Disabilities

By anticipating some common problem areas, the university makes every effort to help students with physical or learning disabilities make the transition to university life. A detailed list of services is available through the Office of Adaptive Educational Services, 425 University Boulevard; telephone: (317) 274-3241 or TDD/TTY: (317) 278-2050; Web: www.life.iupui.edu.

For student services information on the Bloomington, Gary, Richmond, and South Bend campuses, please see the respective Indiana University campus bulletin.

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