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Career opportunities in library and information science are varied and interesting. SLIS graduates continue to be placed in top library and information industry positions. Students are encouraged to be pro-active in preparing for their careers—and for the job search process. The six student chapters of professional associations at SLIS can help students learn about professional networking, continuing education, leadership roles, conference participation, and more. These student groups host events and guest speakers that address job search questions.

The SLIS honorary society, Beta Phi Mu, hosts an annual Career Forum. While SLIS has always provided assistance in the job search process, a new SLIS Career Services Center was developed in Fall 2010, and was opened in January 2011. The goal of the Center is to help identify career resources, and to support SLIS students with the job search process. Students positions will support the Center, and will work with the SLIS Director of Admissions and Placement. The SLIS jobs listserv and the SLIS website both provide access to job ads. Reading job ads can help students understand what employers need in today's job market. There are a number of Indiana University resources available to SLIS students including job fairs and library collections.

Students are encouraged to begin developing their résumé early. Part time jobs in the field, volunteer positions, library and technology workshops, and participation in professional associations will give students additional items for the résumés. Students are also encouraged to save class projects and strong papers for their job search portfolio.

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