Policies & Procedures

Computer Accounts

All SLIS students are responsible for arranging for reliable computer and internet access.  All SLIS students are eligible for, and are required to obtain, computer accounts from University Information Technology Services. All official and nonofficial communication from IU and SLIS take place via your IU email account.  Students will be held responsible for receiving and responding as appropriate to all course and official electronic mail. It is University policy that communication sent to the student via the student’s electronic mail campus address is considered official notice.

Many SLIS courses require students to maintain high-speed, 24-7 Internet access, including access to Oncourse, OneStart, IU email, and other web-based applications. Students are responsible for making all necessary provisions for accessing course-related resources, including subscription-based library resources. 

Technical assistance is available from:

  • UITS Knowledge Base Online Q & A   
  • ITHelpLive  
  • Phone support:   812-855-6789  [24 hours a day, 7 days a week]
  • Email: ithelp [at] iu [dot] edu (ithelp@iu.edu)

Academic Bulletins

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