Departments & Centers

Recreation, Park & Tourism Studies


Chair B. McCormick
Associate Chairs D. Knapp, Cole
Director Graduate Studies Cole
Director Undergraduate Studies D. Knapp
Professors Ewert, Hawkins, Jamieson, B. McCormick, Ross
Associate Professors Chen, Cole, D. Knapp,  Van Puymbroeck, Young
Assistant Professors Basman, Chancellor, Mowatt, Piatt
Cliinical Assistant Professor J. Knapp
Part-time Assistant Professor Voight
Clinical Lecturer Getz
Senior Lecturer Ramos
Visiting Lecturers Bishop, Franzidis, Gray
Assistant Scientist Kim
Academic Specialists Gharakhani, Wolter, York
Research Associates Bransford, Carnagey, C. McCormick
Visiting Research Associates Capps, Hackerd, Wells
Visiting Scholars Chun, Gaifang, Aiping

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