Class Instruction in Performance

  • MUS L101 Beginning Guitar Class (2 cr.)
  • MUS L102 Intermediate Guitar Class (2 cr.)
  • MUS L103 Advanced Guitar Class (2 cr.)
  • MUS L111 Beginning Bass Guitar Class (2 cr.)
  • MUS L112 Intermediate Bass Guitar Class (2 cr.)
  • MUS L113 Advanced Bass Guitar Class (2 cr.)
  • MUS P110 Beginning Piano Class 1, Non–Music Majors (2 cr.) Class piano for beginning piano students.
  • MUS P111 Piano Class 1, Music Majors (2 cr.) Class piano for beginning piano students.
  • MUS P120 Beginning Piano Class 2, Non-Music Majors (2 cr.) Class piano (second-semester level).
  • MUS P121 Piano Class 2, Music Majors (3 cr.) Class piano (second-semester level).
  • MUS P130 Beginning Piano Class 3, Non–Music Majors (2 cr.) Class piano (third-semester level).
  • MUS P131 Piano Class 3, Music Majors (2 cr.) Class piano (third-semester level).
  • MUS P141 Piano Class 4, Music Majors (2 cr.) Class piano (fourth-semester level).
  • MUS P201 Jazz Piano Class 1 (2 cr.) P: P121 Piano Class 2, Music Majors. Development of basic jazz keyboard skills and techniques for the non-piano jazz major, non-jazz piano major and non-music major. Basic voicings for common harmonic formulae used in jazz; chord/scale relationships; simple rhythmic comping patterns.
  • MUS P202 Jazz Piano Class 2 (2 cr.) P: P201 Jazz Piano Class 1. More advanced voicings; substitutions; comping patterns.
  • MUS V101 Voice Class (arr. cr.) Instruct beginners in introductory aspects of voice, vocal techniques, and sight reading.

Academic Bulletins

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