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Jacobs School of Music Requirements for Incoming Freshmen 

In addition to the general requirements for admission to the university, students must meet the following requirements of the Jacobs School of Music:
  1. Students must apply to the Jacobs School of Music and successfully complete an audition in their major proposed area of study. Auditions and interviews are scheduled during designated weekends throughout the academic year and are heard by a committee of department faculty members appointed by the chairperson of the department. This committee evaluates the student’s performance level or other qualification and makes a recommendation to the Jacobs School of Music Admissions and Recruitment Committee. The Admissions and Recruitment Committee determines whether the student can be admitted to a specific course of study by considering the student’s past record, interviews (if applicable), and the audition/interview committee’s recommendation. Students who do not matriculate within one year of the date of the letter of acceptance must reapply and repeat the entrance audition. An audition/interview appointment is made through the Jacobs School of Music online application. In those areas that require pre-screening, applicants will be notified of whether or not they will be invited for an on-campus audition and/or interview.
  2. Each incoming freshman must take a musicianship evaluation. Students who score 70 percent or above on the musicianship test are exempted from T109 Rudiments of Music I. Students who score from 50 percent to 69 percent may take T109 and T151 Music Theory and Literature I concurrently. Students who score below 50 percent may not take T151 until they pass T109. For more detailed information, write to the Office of Music Admissions and Financial Aid at musicadm@indiana.edu, and request specific information on the Basic Musicianship Test and on theory texts.
Incoming freshmen who meet general university requirements and specific music requirements, and who intend to pursue a music degree, are certified directly to the Jacobs School of Music after their initial orientation and advising.

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