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Bulletin 2001-2003

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Organizations and Services
Endowed Funds and Annual Scholarships
Procedural Information


Music instruction at Indiana University dates from the year 1893, but it was not until 1910 that a Department of Music offering music for credit was officially organized, with Charles D. Campbell as head. In 1919 Barzille Winfred Merrill was appointed head of the department and, in 1921, dean of the newly established School of Music. He was succeeded in 1938 by Dean Robert L. Sanders. In 1947 the appointment of Wilfred C. Bain as dean marked the beginning of a period of rapid growth and expansion. Under the 24-year leadership of Dean Charles H. Webb beginning in 1973, the School of Music continued its development and commitment to excellence. David G. Woods was appointed to the deanship in 1997, followed by the appointment of Dean Gwyn Richards in 2001. Today the School of Music is recognized as one of the leading institutions of its kind.

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The mission of the Indiana University School of Music is to provide distinguished instruction and outstanding opportunities for performance, composition, research, and teacher training for music majors and non-music majors. These opportunities are designed to meet the following purposes within the framework of Indiana University:

  1. To prepare students for careers as performers, composers, scholars, teachers, church musicians, and music administrators in higher education, precollege educational settings, the professional music world, the private sector, and supporting fields.
  2. To provide music majors and non-music majors the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding, and ability in all aspects of music at a level appropriate to their needs and interests.
  3. To broaden and deepen the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of music through research and publication.
  4. To enrich the lives of students, faculty, community, the state, the nation, and the world with performances of a wide variety of music. The excellence, authenticity, and originality of these performances also serve as models for future performances by students and as criteria for future listening experiences.
Outreach and Research Units Within the School of Music

The Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature, sponsored jointly by the School of Music and the Office of Research and the University Graduate School, provides a home for such international projects as the Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum, a five-million-word online database of Latin music theory ranging from the time of Augustine through the sixteenth century; Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology and DDM-Online; saggi musicali italiani, an online database of Italian music theory; Greek and Latin Music Theory, a monograph series of critical texts and translations; and other projects. Information on current CHMTL activities is available at www.music.indiana.edu/chmtl.

The Early Music Institute was established as a center for research and creative activity related to the performance of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, as well as a teaching department of the School of Music. Beyond the curricular offerings described in this bulletin, the institute provides outreach through the precollege recorder program, publication of Focus Recordings (a series of recordings of music from the thirteenth through the eighteenth centuries) and two series of scholarly writings, and maintenance of the Archive of Early Music Sound Recordings as well as extensive holdings of period instruments and sets of parts for performance.

The Latin American Music Center fosters the research and performance of Latin American art music and promotes professional and academic exchange between musicians and scholars from the United States and Latin America. The center's activities include concerts, commissions, premiere performances and recordings, courses in Latin American music history, visits by distinguished performing artists and lecturers, festivals, and seminars. The Latin American Music Center makes available to scholars, performers, and institutions the most complete library of Latin American art music in the world.

The Musical Attractions Office acts as the booking agent for group and solo performers from the School of Music. Each year it arranges dozens of student performances throughout the state and region.

The Office of Special Programs administers all aspects of workshops, masterclasses, conferences, and foreign programs for the School of Music. In addition, the office runs the ongoing precollege program and the summer residential precollege academies.

The William and Gayle Cook Music Library

The William and Gayle Cook Music Library spans four floors of the Beth Meshulam Simon Library and Recital Center, with approximately 537,000 cataloged items. The collection is strong in first or early editions, especially of opera; music theory treatises, and Russian/Soviet music. Also notable are the Black Music Collection and the Latin American Music Collection. The Performing Ensembles collection contains more than 218,000 parts, virtually all the standard orchestral and choral repertoire. Of the more than 130,000 cataloged sound recordings, many are unique or rare in the United States, particularly opera and songs. The on-going "Variations Project" has digitized over 6,000 sound recordings and scores. Of the 105 Windows NT workstations and 35 Macintoshes within the library, 72 have MIDI keyboards, all with associated music software. Further information is available at: www.music.indiana.edu/muslib.html.

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Organizations and Services

The Society of the Friends of Music of Indiana University is an organization of people of wide-ranging occupations who support the excellence of the School of Music through scholarships and other activities.

The Music Alumni Association, an affiliate of the Indiana University Alumni Association, supports the activities of the School of Music and its graduates through publication of Music Alumni Notes.

The Student Representative Committee serves to enhance communication among the students, faculty, staff, and administration of the School of Music. The representatives are chosen each spring and meet on a regular basis.

A number of honorary and professional music organizations maintain chapters at Indiana University. These include Phi Mu Alpha, Sigma Alpha Iota, Mu Phi Epsilon, Music Educators National Conference, Pi Kappa Lambda, Kappa Kappa Psi, Tau Beta Sigma, and the American Guild of Organists.

The Music Placement Office serves as a job information service for performing and teaching positions in the area of music.

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Endowed Funds and Annual Scholarships

Indiana University School of Music gratefully acknowledges all persons and institutions who generously support our students and faculty through the following endowed funds and annual scholarships. We are deeply thankful for those who show their faith in the future of the IU School of Music by endowing faculty chairs and professorships and giving student fellowships, scholarships, awards, and prizes.

Endowed Funds

Willi Apel Early Music Endowment Fund
Wilfred C. Bain Music Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
Anthony and Olimpia Barbera Music Scholarship Fund
Joseph Battista Memorial Fund
Achasa Beechler Music Scholarship Fund
William Bell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Leonard Bernstein Scholarship Fund
John E. Best Scholarship Fund
Mary R. Book Music Scholarship Fund
Julia B. Brabson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kenneth V. and Audrey N. Brown Scholarship Fund
Vivian N. Humphreys Bundy Scholarship Fund
Emma E. Claus Scholarship Fund
Cristini Friends of Music Scholarship Fund
Mavis McRae Crow Music Scholarship Fund
T. F. and Emma A. Culver Scholarship Fund
Jeannette Davis Scholarship Fund
Pete DeLone Memorial Prize
Frederick Ebbs Memorial Scholarship Fund
David Eisler Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ruth L. Elias Scholarship Fund
Eleanor Fell Scholarship Fund
William and Marcia Fox Scholarship Fund
Joseph Nathan Garton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bill and Mary Gasser Scholarship/Fellowship Endowment Fund
Cary M. Gerber Scholarship Fund
Richard C. Gigax Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gignilliat Music Scholarship Fund
Linda Challis Gill and Jack M. Gill Music Scholarship Fund
Gladys Gingold Memorial Scholarship Fund
Josef Gingold Violin Scholarship Fund
Montana L. Grinstead Scholarship Fund
Arthur and Ena Grist Scholarship Fund
Wayne Hackett Memorial Harp Scholarship Fund
Russell A. Havens Music Scholarship Fund
Bernhard Heiden Scholarship Fund
Jascha Heifetz Scholarship Fund
Eva Heinitz Scholarship Fund
Dorothy L. Herriman Scholarship Fund
Mark H. Hindsley Endowed Fund for Symphonic Band
Ernest Hoffzimmer Scholarship Fund
William and Emma Horn Scholarship Fund
Bruce Hubbard Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eva Janzer Memorial Fund
Alice V. Jewell Friends of Music Scholarship Fund
Freda and Walter Kaufmann Prize in Musicology
Mack H. Kay Scholarship for Excellence in Jazz Composition
William Kincaid Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gregory C. Klinefelter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eugene J. and Eleanor J. Knapik Scholarship Fund
Lucie M. Kohlmeier Music Scholarship in Voice
George and Elizabeth Krueger Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michael Kuttner Music Education Fund
Jay Lovins Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ethel Louise Lyman Memorial Fund
Arthur W. Mason Music Scholarship Fund
Susann McDonald Harp Study Fund
Katherine V. McFall Scholarship Fund
B. Winfred Merrill Scholarship Fund
Arthur R. Metz Carillonneur Fund
Otto Miessner Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Nathan A. and Margaret Culver Miller Scholarship Fund
David B. Mills Friends of Music Scholarship Fund
Marcel Mule Scholarship Fund
Department of Musicology Fund
Nina Neal Scholarship Fund
Otto Nothhacksberger Memorial Fund
Bernard Opperman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Juan Orrego-Salas Scholarship Fund
Namita Pal Commemorative Award Fund
Jason Paras Memorial Fund
Marie Alice and Gilbert Peart Music Education Scholarship Fund
Jackie Pemberton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mary Wennerstrom Phillips and Leonard M. Phillips Endowment Fund
George E. Powell III Scholarship Fund
Agnes Davis Richardson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dagmar K. Riley Friends of Music Scholarship Fund
Walter and Dorothy Robert Scholarship Fund
Louise Margaret Roth Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ruth Parr Septer Scholarship Fund
Terry C. Shirk Memorial Scholarship Fund
Shulz Memorial Fund
The Society of the Friends of Music Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Richard Starling Chair in Violin Studies
Evelyn P. Stier Memorial Scholarship Fund
Harry Sukman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Elsie Irwin Sweeney Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donald Louis Tavel Memorial Fund
Elizabeth Schaefer Tenreiro Scholarship Fund
Roe Van Boskirk Memorial Scholarship Fund
Carl G. Van Buskirk Memorial Scholarship Fund
Anna Weber Endowment Fund
Madge Wilson Music Scholarship Fund
Carol A. Wingler Memorial Fellowship Fund
Marjorie Schlamp Winters Harp Scholarship Fund
Janet Corday Won Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Woodwind and the Brasswind Scholarship Fund

Annual Scholarships/Fellowships

The Aronoff Percussion Scholarship
The Dean Wilfred Bain Opera Fellowship
The Camerata Scholarship
The Janie Fricke Scholarship
The Friday Musicale Scholarship
The Richard F. Gold Career Grant
The Ildebrando Pizzetti Memorial Fellowship
The Cole and Kate Porter Memorial Fellowship
The Presser Scholar and the Presser Music Award
The Sally W. Rhodes Scholarship
The Star of Indiana Scholarship
The Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation Scholarship
The String Academy of Wisconsin Scholarship
The Thomson Consumer Electronics Scholarship

This list is current as of 1/1/97. For more information, please contact Barbara Monahan, Director of Development, Indiana University School of Music, Bloomington, Indiana 47405, (812) 855-4737, e-mail: bmonahan@indiana.edu.

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Procedural Information

Specific and up-to-date information on School of Music procedures is available from the music undergraduate and graduate offices or other appropriate offices of the school. Current regulations and procedures appear in the "Regulations and Procedures" section of this bulletin. Also see www.music.indiana.edu.

Tuition and Fees

Students in the School of Music should note that, in addition to the fees listed in the schedule at the end of this bulletin, there are special fees that may be applicable, including fees for music performance study, recital scheduling and programs, rental instruments, late enrollment, accompanists, special examinations, and other items.

Credit by Examination

Students who can demonstrate knowledge or skills in the area of specific courses may receive credit by examination.

Ensemble Policy

All undergraduate and graduate degree students, diploma students, visiting students, and nondegree music students (except students accepted for certain doctoral programs or B.M.E. majors in their student-teaching semester), must register for and achieve a passing grade in a major ensemble each fall semester, spring semester, or second summer session in which they are registered for any music or nonmusic credit hours. Major ensembles are indicated as X0- (2 cr.). Students may request placement in a particular ensemble, but final placement will be made by the faculty.

The ensemble requirement was established by the faculty for several reasons. It provides professional training in an important area of a student's performance development, and it provides opportunities for music students to hear great masterworks in live performance. It also provides listening experiences for other members of the university community and helps to compensate for the fact that the university subsidizes the extra cost involved in professional music training.

The faculty of the School of Music is strongly committed to the idea that students should be given the opportunity to develop their talents to the highest degree possible. They are also committed to the idea that each student can and should contribute to the education of others, to the advancement of the art of music, and to the enrichment of the cultural life of the university through participation in the major ensemble experience.

Students with Disabilities

Students with a learning disability, hearing impairment, speech impairment, or any other disability that may affect their ability to fulfill a requirement of the School of Music should contact the Office of Disabled Student Services and Veterans Affairs at (812) 855-7578 before registering. Requirements will not be waived for students with disabilities; however, some modifications can be made within specific courses.

The Student's Responsibility

Students have a threefold responsibility: (1) to know and satisfy the graduation requirements stated in the School of Music Bulletin; (2) to know their academic standing based on the academic standards stated in the School of Music Bulletin; and (3) to know and observe all regulations and academic calendar deadlines as stated in the Schedule of Classes, the School of Music Bulletin, and the student handbooks. Faculty and staff advisors assist students in planning a program of study to meet degree requirements, but students are responsible for meeting all requirements for their respective degrees and all announced deadlines.

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