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Academic Advising

The mission of Kelley Academic Advising is to participate in the transformation of our students by providing a personal connection to their Kelley experience and promoting their academic success, professional development, and individual maturity. 

  • Kelley academic advisors work with students as they identify and pursue their individual goals while supporting and challenging them to:
    • Demonstrate professionalism and accountability, by taking responsibility for their own college experience
    • Effectively manage their academic planning in order to participate in enriching educational experiences and graduate in a timely way
    • Identify and utilize academic and enrollment policies and procedures.
  • Kelley academic advisors participate in extensive training and ongoing professional development in order to:
    • Communicate accurate information about degree requirements, IU/Kelley policies and procedures
    • Demonstrate the awareness and skills associated with communication, equitable interventions, and cultural competence
    • Apply concepts and best practices related to advising, student development, and professional development
  • The Kelley academic advising administrators manage the direction and day-to-day operations of the program in order to:
    • Maintain the accuracy, storage, security, and accessibility of student records and data associated with Kelley Advising
    • Ensure the functioning, maintenance, and access to advising-related resources
    • Collaborate with Kelley and campus partners to provide the best possible experience for students and staff
    • Implement, institutionalize, and document policies and best practices related to advising
    • Provide training and professional development for advisors
    • Engage in ongoing assessment and improvement
Contact Information for Kelley Academic Advising
Admitted Kelley Students
Current or Prospective Business Honors Students
  • Schedule 30-minute planning appointments at the Fess House, 516 North Fess or (812) 855-1649.
  • Participate in walk-in advising at the Fess House, 516 North Fess, Mon-Fri, 10-11 AM
  • Find out more about the Business Honors Program at
Students interested in Kelley International Programs
Non-business majors pursuing a Business Minor or the Business Foundations Certificate
  • Schedule 30-minute planning appointments at HH (BU) 254 or (812) 855-2614
  • Participate in walk-in advising at HH (BU) 254, Mon-Fri, 10-11 AM
Prospective students, from other IU or non-IU schools and units
  • Meet with members of the Kelley Admissions team (instead of Kelley academic advisors)
  • Gain information or schedule their appointments at HH (BU) 234 or (812) 855-4474
  • Pose quick questions or request credential reviews via email at
  • Find out information related to admission at

Professional academic advising plays a vital role in the educational mission of Indiana University, complementing the work of faculty to create a comprehensive learning experience for all undergraduate students. As students explore their intellectual interests and goals, academic advisors partner with faculty, staff, and administrators to engage students in the university environment. Advisors are professionals, members of a community of higher education experts that . . .  foster students’ personal growth, enable students to explore their academic options, and develop meaningful educational plans consistent with their personal and professional goals.        – IU Bloomington Academic Advising Task Force, 2010

Academic Bulletins

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