Academic Policies & Procedures

Transfer Credit & Waivers

Transfers from Colleges and Universities outside the U.S.

The Kelley School does not award specific business course credit for business courses transferred from colleges or universities outside the United States. All business courses taken outside the United States will be accepted for undistributed (elective) credit hours only. This policy especially affects the amount of time required for international transfer students to complete Kelley School degree requirements. Therefore, students considering transfer, who have already completed a considerable number of business courses, are encouraged to carefully examine the advisability of transferring to the Kelley School to complete an undergraduate degree.

Transfers from Other Colleges and Universities inside the U.S.

Acceptance of credit from other U.S. institutions is determined by the Indiana University Office of Admissions. The applicability of credit toward degree requirements in the Kelley School is determined by the school.

  • 100/200 level business courses that are accepted for transfer are usually accepted for specific course equivalency.  Those that do not have equivalents at the Kelley School will be accepted as undistributed (elective) credit.
  • 300/400 level business courses may not be taken away from the Bloomington campus; transfer credit for these courses will be accepted as undistributed (elective) credit only.

Transfer of Credits from Other Indiana University Campuses

Students who wish to transfer to the Kelley School at Bloomington from another IU campus are required to meet the same Kelley admission requirements as students from other institutions. As is true for other transfer students, students transferring from another IU campus must complete an Inter-Campus Transfer Request and enroll through the University Division for their first semester on the Bloomington campus; they are eligible to apply for admission to business after they have completed at least one Bloomington term and all of their business admission courses; they must apply for Kelley School admission and be admitted during their first two terms on the IU Bloomington campus.

Students who expect to earn the B.S. degree in business from IU’s Bloomington campus must complete the last 30 credit hours of the degree program in Bloomington. I-Core must be taken on the Bloomington campus.

Transfer Credit Details

The total number of credits accepted for transfer from a four-year institution is limited to a maximum of 90 credit hours. The total number of credits accepted for transfer from a junior college or a community college is limited to a maximum of 60 credit hours. If credits are transferred from both two- and four-year schools, the combined number of credits accepted for transfer is 90. Although they are often visible on the transcript and are considered for admission purposes, course grades from non-IU institutions are not included in the IU GPA; only credit hours earned in a course are recorded. Course grades from other IU campuses are included in the GPA. The official evaluation of credit is completed after a student is admitted to the university. However, many course equivalencies can be found on the IU Admissions Credit Transfer Services website at

Specific Course Waivers

Students who have taken a business computer skills, financial accounting, or managerial accounting class that appears to have covered the same material as that in the related Kelley School course, may sit for a competency exam in any of these three areas during the first week of fall or spring classes. Students who perform successfully on these competency tests will receive course waivers (for BUS-K 201 or BUS-A 201 or BUS-A 202), but not course credit.

Credit by Self-Acquired Competency

The Kelley School does not award academic credit on the basis of self-acquired competency. However, the school will give examinations for waiver of specific courses (BUS-K 201, BUS-A 201, and BUS-A 202) if the department offering the course believes that a student’s experience gives the student a reasonable chance of passing the examination. To be eligible to take a waiver exam, the student must be currently enrolled at Indiana University and demonstrate that previous coursework is similar to that in the Kelley course.

The Kelley School will not accept self-acquired competency credit, for business coursework, awarded by any other division/school of Indiana University or by other institutions.

For non–business courses, the school will accept credit for specific courses awarded on the basis of self-acquired competency by other baccalaureate degree-granting units of Indiana University and by other institutions accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges or comparable regional associations.

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