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Honors Programs

Business Honors Program

The Kelley School of Business Honors Program is a highly selective academic experience that provides students with increased challenges and innovative learning experiences. The program facilitates students attaining their potential both inside and outside the classroom through special curricula, leadership opportunities, increased networking opportunities, and the individual student/faculty interaction that is necessary to fully develop those students who possess the capacity and motivation to excel.


Students who are applying to or have been admitted to the Kelley School, who will have completed 26 credit hours of college coursework, and have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.7 by the end of the freshman year, may apply for admission to the Business Honors Program. Students apply online, at, between February 1 and April 1. They are admitted only for the fall semester of the sophomore year. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of their grade point average, participation in extracurricular activities as illustrated on their resumes, demonstrated leadership ability, faculty recommendation, and a brief writing sample.

Honors Curriculum

Honors courses enable academically talented students to engage in a rigorous and challenging course of study while enjoying the benefits of smaller classes and closer faculty involvement.

Once admitted, honors students are required to take part in a team-building orientation, take nine credit hours of honors courses, and take the honors section of I-Core in the fall semester of the junior year. Honors I-Core includes an integrating exercise and is taught by tenured faculty.

As seniors, honors students must complete a capstone.  There are three options.  Two options allow students to receive three credits:  a supervised independent research project (BUS-X 496), or a senior-level leadership seminar (BUS-Z 494). Choices for independent research include a traditional research paper, a business plan, or an industry analysis. The research is supervised by a faculty member of the Kelley School. Topics taught in Z494 are chosen each semester by faculty and might include leadership, globalization, negotiation, and professionalism. The third way to fulfill the capstone is to serve as a member of the Honors Leadership Team that mentors younger students and helps coordinate events for the Honors Program.  Students accepted into the 3/2 MBA in Accounting Program or participating on the Honors Leadership Team are exempt from the capstone requirement.

Students are also required either to complete an internship or to participate in an overseas study program. Lastly, honors students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.5 throughout the program of study. Upon graduation, students who have maintained this grade point average and have successfully completed the program will have “with Departmental Honors” noted on their diplomas and transcripts.

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