Mission of the Kelley School

The mission of the Kelley School of Business is to transform lives, organizations, and communities through education and research.

Guiding Principles of the Kelley School

The Kelley School is consistently ranked among the top 20 business schools in the nation. Many of our major areas of study are ranked in the top five among public schools. Our high standing and success derive from the following principles:

  • Ethics. Maintaining the highest ethical standards with whomever we interact. This is a matter of respect, trust, and personal integrity and is the foundation of our individual performance and our professional excellence. We accept no less in ourselves and expect no less from others.
  • Collaboration. Providing a collaborative environment that emphasizes mutual respect, individual initiative, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence.
  • Culture of excellence. Enrolling women and men of great character, accomplishment, and leadership ability, and hiring faculty who are not only thought leaders and outstanding scholars, but who are also committed to excellence in teaching.
  • Diversity. Creating a culture that embraces diversity in all its many forms.
  • Innovative curriculum. Providing innovative and relevant curricula that focus on developing critical-thinking skills, exploring complex problems, decision-making under uncertainty, taking responsibility for one’s actions, and leadership.
  • Utilization of technology. Maintaining our leadership in the pervasive and effective use of technology in serving our students.
  • Global perspective. Embracing a global perspective that permeates the content of our courses and influences the topics and contexts of our research.
  • Extensive alumni network. Maintaining strong ties and lifetime relationships with our alumni in ways that further their career ambitions and the school’s educational and research objectives.
  • Civic responsibility. Creating a culture that encourages outreach, service, and rigorous research.
  • Essential partnerships. Creating and sustaining our national and international relationships with corporate and academic partners that provide opportunities for students, faculty, and alumni of the Kelley School of Business.

Academic Bulletins

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