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Grade Replacment Policy: Extended X

Extended X Policy: Policy and Procedure on Course Reenrollment and Recalculation of Student Grade Point Average

Any undergraduate student may retake a course for which he or she received a grade below A. Upon completion of the retaken course, the GPA for a student applying this option will be adjusted to exclude the grade for the replaced course. A student may exercise this option for no more than three courses, totaling no more than 10 credits. A student may use this option only once for a given course.

The student must submit a completed, signed Extended X Request Form to the School of HPER Records Office in HPER 115 before the end of the work day on the deadline date to submit Pass/Fail Option Request Forms for the term in which the student retakes the course. Students are responsible for checking the university calendar to determine the Pass/Fail deadline date.  Students may also ask the School of HPER Records Office staff for the Pass/Fail deadline date each term. Students admitted to the School of HPER may obtain, complete, and submit an extended X form in the School of HPER Records Office, HPER 115.

Additional Restrictions:

  • The following grades cannot be replaced under this policy: S, P, W, I, R, and NC (no credit).
  • A student may not replace a grade with a second grade of W, I, R, or NC.
  • Topics courses are not eligible for replacement under this policy unless the retaken course is identical in content to the replaced course.
  • A student may not request reversal after asking for and applying the GPA exclusion.

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