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University Graduate School 2002-2004 Specific Graduate Program Information

University Graduate
School 2002-2004
Academic Bulletin

University Graduate School  
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Indiana University 
Bloomington, IN 47405 
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Social Informatics

School of Library and Information Science Bloomington

Program Director
Rob Kling (SLIS) rkling@indiana.edu

Departmental URL

Steering Committee members
Chris Ogan (Journalism), Harmeet Sawhney (Telecommunications)

Core Faculty
Ph.D. Minor in Social Informatics

Core Faculty

Blaise Cronin (SLIS), Alan Dennis (Business), Tom Duffy (Education), Jeffrey Hart (Political Science), Rob Kling (SLIS), Chris Ogan (Journalism)

Associate Professors
Susan Herring (SLIS), George Marakas* (Business), Ann Massey (Business), Javed Mostafa* (SLIS), Alice Robbin (SLIS), Harmeet Sawhney (Telecommunications)

Assistant Professors
Katy Borner* (SLIS), Sue Brown* (Business), Erik Bucy* (Telecommunications), Diana Burley Gant* (Business), Jon Gant* (SPEA), Howard Rosenbaum* (SLIS)

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Ph.D. Minor in Social Informatics

Course Requirement for the Ph.D. Minor in Social Informatics (12 credit hours)

The range of courses listed below is designed to enable students to construct a program for the Ph.D. minor in Social Informatics that is relevant to their primary research interests. This program of courses should include some courses that have strong theoretical and/or methodological content, as well as substantive issues. Students who propose to take "topics courses" (such as L597, R601, and S601/602), as electives to help satisfy these requirements must satisfy the Steering Committee that the particular course they wish to take is relevant to the subject matter of SI. Further courses will be added to the list on an ongoing basis at the discretion of the Steering Committee.

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Required Foundation Courses

Students must take at least one of the following courses (3 hours):

J350 Issues in New Communication Technologies
L564 Computerization in Society
T551 Communication, Technology, and Society


Students seeking the Ph.D. Minor in Social Informatics must complete an additional three courses (9 hours). These additional courses must be selected from among the following list. The elective courses should be taken from at least two departments or schools other than the student's home academic unit. SI is developing rapidly at IU, and we expect that additional doctoral-level courses will be offered each year. Students can propose that their minors include other SI courses that are not included on this list. Such proposals should include syllabi and other detailed information about the course.

School of Journalism
J530 Issues in New Communication Technologies
J614 Communication and National Development

Kelley School of Business
S601/S602 MIS Research Topics

School of Library and Information Science
L563 Information Policies, Economics, and the Law
L564 Computerization in Society
L574 Computer-Mediated Communication
L597 Gender and Computerization
L697 Advanced Topics in Information Systems
L764 Information Societies in Critical Perspective (topics change)

Department of Telecommunications (College of Arts and Sciences)
R601 Information Superhighway
R601 Origins of the Information Age
T602 Interactivity and New Media
T651 Communication, Technology and Society

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