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Regional Economic Development

School of Public and Environmental Affairs Bloomington

Astrid Merget

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Graduate Faculty
Ph.D. Minor in Regional Economic Development

Graduate Faculty

David B. Audretsch, Randall Baker, Charles F. Bonser (Emeritus, Business), Dennis Conway (Geography), Marc Dollinger (Business), Jeffrey Hart (Political Science), F. Robert Jacobs (Business), Bruce Jaffee (Business), Heejoon Kang (Business), Daniel Knudsen (Geography), Joseph Miller (Business), John Odland (Geography), Maureen Pirog, Brian Powell (Sociology), J. C. Randolph (Biology), Barry Rubin, Roy Shin (Emeritus)

Associate Professor
Michael McGregor (Telecommunications)

Academic Advisor
Professor David B. Audretsch, SPEA 201, (812) 855-6766

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Ph.D. Minor in Regional Economic Development (12 credit hours)

Students in a Ph.D. program at Indiana University may select regional economic development as an outside minor.

Program Description
The minor field in regional economic development involves study in the topics facing regional planners, developmental specialists, and researchers, and an introduction to the body of knowledge in regional development. The study of regional economic development broadens students' perspectives and students may apply this knowledge to a research agenda that incorporates regional development questions. The student is expected to have studied both micro- and macroeconomics before beginning the minor program.


  1. The director of the Institute for Development Strategies serves as minor advisor. The advisor ensures that prerequisites have been met and certifies that the candidate has met the requirements of the minor. An examination may be required at the discretion of the advisor.
  2. The candidate must take at least 12 credit hours of approved courses, which must include two core courses and 6 credit hours of electives. The core curriculum consists of a topics course and a general methodology course. (If the required methodology course has been completed as a requirement for the student's major, an additional elective must be taken to fulfill the minor requirement.) The required topics course is SPEA V669 Economic Development, Globalization, and Entrepreneurship. This course is cross-listed as GEOG G817 Seminar in Regional Geography. The elective courses may come from a variety of disciplines and must be selected in consultation with and approved by the student's minor advisor.
  3. A cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (B) must be maintained.
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