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Population Institute for Research and Training


Professor George Alter

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Graduate Faculty
Ph.D. Minor in Population Studies
Cross-Listed Courses

Graduate Faculty

Judith Allen (History), George Alter (History), Jorge Chapa (Latino Studies), Dennis Conway (Geography), John Odland (Geography), James C. Riley (History), Nazif Shahrani (Central Eurasian Studies), James Vaughan (Emeritus, Anthropology), Richard Wilk (Anthropology)

Associate Professors
Laurel Cornell (Sociology), Carl Ipsen (History), Elyce Rotella (Economics)

Assistant Professors
Sheila Cooper* (Emeritus, History) (I), Leah VanWey (Sociology)

Director of Graduate Studies
Professor George Alter, 408 N. Indiana, Room 222, (812) 855-5631

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Ph.D. Minor in Population Studies

The minor in population studies requires 12 credit hours of approved courses, which must include two core courses. The core curriculum consists of an overview of issues in population studies (G590) and a basic course in demographic methods (G591). The director of the Population Institute for Research and Training serves as chairperson of the minor field, and certifies completion of the minor for students who have (1) completed the required courses in good standing and (2) passed an examination given at the discretion of the director and the program faculty.

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G590 Population Analysis: Concepts, Issues, Problems (3 cr.) P: graduate status or approval of instructor. Theoretical issues, empirical questions on social determinants and consequences of biological events like birth and death. Age structure, marriage and household formation, gender, migration, quality of data, population policy in developing countries and advanced industrial societies. Contemporary and historical sources.

G591 Methods of Population Analysis and Their Applications (3 cr.) P: an undergraduate course in statistics. Techniques of measuring and analyzing population size and trends, fertility and mortality patterns, migration flows. Population estimates and projections. Major models of formal demography.

G592 Topics in Population Research (3 cr.) P: G590 and G591 or approval of instructor. Seminar-level course emphasizing class presentations, reviews of advanced literature, and the writing of research papers. Subject areas will include fertility, mortality, migration, economic demographic interrelations, mathematical demography, dynamics of small populations, and population projections.

G593 International Perspectives on Population Problems (3 cr.) International trends in population growth, characteristics, and structure with attention to major social, environmental, economic, and political implications. Comparisons between industrially advanced economies and less developed countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Special emphasis will be placed on local and national circumstances affecting fertility, mortality, migration, and emerging roles of population policies in development planning.

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Cross-Listed Courses

E600 Seminar in Cultural and Social Anthropology (3 cr.)

E592 Economic Development of Less-Developed Countries (3 cr.)

G803 Seminar in Economic Geography (3 cr.)
G812 Seminar in Population Geography (3 cr.)

S660 Advanced Topics (2-6 cr.)

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