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Jewish Studies

College of Arts and Sciences Bloomington

Professor Alvin Rosenfeld (Jewish and English Studies)

Associate Director
Professor Steven Weitzman (Religious Studies)

Departmental E-mail

Departmental URL

Graduate Faculty
Ph.D. Minor in Jewish Studies

Graduate Faculty

Dr. Alice Field Cohn Chair in Yiddish Studies
Dov-Ber Kerler (Germanic Studies and Jewish Studies)

James Ackerman (Emeritus, Religious Studies), Paul Eisenberg (Philosophy), Henry Fischel (Emeritus, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Irving Katz (Emeritus, History), Michael Morgan (Jewish Studies and Philosophy), Alvin Rosenfeld (Jewish Studies and English)

Associate Professors
JoŽlle Bahloul (Anthropology and Jewish Studies), Stephen Katz (Comparative Literature), Herbert Marks (Comparative Literature), Dina Spechler (Political Science), Steven Weitzman* (Religious Studies)

Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Veidlinger (History and Jewish Studies)

Academic Advisor
Carolyn Lipson-Walker, Goodbody Hall 325, (812) 855-0453

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Ph.D. Minor in Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies Program has as its objective the study of Jewish civilization from antiquity to the present and its interaction with and impact on world civilization. The program draws on the many disciplines necessary to study the multifaceted Jewish experience, thus bringing a variety of approaches to the study of Jewish civilization. The contributing departments include Anthropology, Comparative Literature, English, Germanic Studies, History, Institute for Biblical and Literary Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Theatre and Drama. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Jewish Studies Program, students pursuing the Ph.D. minor in Jewish Studies have the opportunity to structure course work individually according to their specific areas of interest. Students may choose to concentrate on biblical studies, modern Jewish history, Jewish thought, Holocaust studies, Yiddish, or Israel studies.

Course Requirements
Fifteen (15) hours of graduate credit in courses on Jewish Studies. All students are required to take a core course H520 Colloquium in Jewish History. No more than two (2) courses may be taken in the student's home department. No more than six (6) hours of individualized readings can be applied to the minor. The selection of courses must be made in consultation with the academic advisor.

Minor in Yiddish
Students may complete a Ph.D. minor in Yiddish through the Department of Germanic Studies. Requirements include: 12 credits, consisting of GER Y502, GER Y503, GER Y504, 3 remaining credits to be chosen from GER Y505, GER Y506, GER Y815, and other courses focusing on non-language Yiddish topics.

Courses in which a student receives less than a B (3.0) will not count toward the minor.

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Jewish Studies

JSTU H520 Colloquium in Jewish History (4 cr.) (Topics in the history of Judaism and the Jews in modern times.)

JSTU H595 Directed Readings in Jewish Studies (1-3 cr.) Directed readings in various topics in Jewish Studies; topics, credit hours, and readings to be determined in consultation with faculty member with whom the student wishes to work.


ANTH E332 Jewish Women: Anthropological Perspectives (3 cr.)

ANTH E334 Jews in Moslem Society (3 cr.)

ANTH E371 Modern Jewish Culture and Society (3 cr.)

ANTH E600 Seminar in Cultural and Social Anthropology (3 cr.) Topics: Israeli Society and Culture; The Jewish Family; Jewish Women.

Comparative Literature

CMLT C545 The Bible and Western Literature (4 cr.) (when topic focuses on Hebrew Bible)


ENG L780 Special Studies in English and American Literature (4 cr.) Topic: American-Jewish Drama, Literature of the Holocaust

Germanic Studies

GER Y501 Beginning Yiddish I (3 cr.)

GER Y502 Beginning Yiddish II (3 cr.)

GER Y503 Intermediate Yiddish I (3 cr.)

GER Y504 Intermediate Yiddish II (3 cr.)

GER Y505 Topics in Yiddish Literature (3 cr.)

GER Y506 Topics in Yiddish Culture (3 cr.)

GER Y815 Individual Readings in Yiddish Studies: Language, Literature and Culture (1-4 cr.)


HIST H620 Colloquium: Modern Western European History (4 cr.) (when topic focuses on Jewish history)

HIST H640 Colloquium in Russian History (4 cr.) (when topic focuses on Russian Jewish history)

HIST H720 Seminar: Modern Western European History (4 cr.) (when topic focuses on Jewish history)

HIST H740 Seminar in Russian History (4 cr.) (when topic focuses on Russian Jewish history)

Institute for Biblical and Literary Studies

ISBL I600 Colloquium in Biblical and Literary Studies (4 cr.) (when topic focuses on Hebrew Bible)

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

NELC H500 Elementary Hebrew I (2 cr.)

NELC H550 Elementary Hebrew II (2 cr.)

NELC H600 Intermediate Hebrew I (3 cr.)

NELC H650 Intermediate Hebrew II (3 cr.)

NELC H670 Advanced Hebrew I (3 cr.)

NELC H680 Advanced Hebrew II (3 cr.)

NELC N471 Biblical Hebrew I (3 cr.)

NELC N472 Biblical Hebrew II (3 cr.)

NELC N473 Biblical Hebrew III (3 cr.)

NELC N511 Foreign Study in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (2-8 cr.)

NELC N517 Biblical Hebrew IV (3 cr.)

NELC N587 Modern Hebrew Literature in English (3 cr.)

NELC N588 Recent Hebrew Literature in English (3 cr.)

NELC N591 Directed Readings in Hebrew (1-6 cr.)

NELC N691 Research in Medieval Hebrew Texts (3 cr.)

NELC N695 Graduate Topics in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (1-4 cr.) Topics: Biblical Themes in Modern Hebrew Literature in English, Modern Hebrew Literature in English, Recent Hebrew Literature in English, S.Y. Agnon and the Jewish Experience.

NELC N708 Seminar in Judaic Literature (4 cr.)

NELC N720 M.A. Thesis (cr. arr.)*


PHIL P522 Topics in the History of Modern Philosophy (3 cr.) (when topics focus on Jewish philosophy).

PHIL P590 Intensive Readings (1-3 cr.) Topics: Alienation and Redemption in Early 20th Century European Culture and Jewish Thought; Alienation and Community: Judaism, Philosophy, Religious Thought and Literature in Europe, 1900-1940; Franz Rosenzweig and Emmanuel Levinas; Philosophy and Religious Thought after the Holocaust; Judaism, Philosophy, and Religious Thought in Europe, 1900-1940; Responses to the Holocaust: Philosophy, Religion, Ethics, Film, Politics and Historiography.

Religious Studies

REL R511 Religion of Ancient Israel (3 cr.) Topics: Studies in Religion (History of God; Issues in the Study of the Hebrew Bible; Readings in Biblical Archaeology; Fieldwork in Biblical Archaeology I; Fieldwork in Biblical Archaeology II); Narrative in the Hebrew Bible; Topics in Ancient Israelite Religion (The Sabbath in Literature and Liturgy).

REL R541 Studies in the Jewish Tradition (3 cr.) Topics: Prophecy in Ancient Israel, Judaism in the Making, Introduction to Jewish Mysticism, Religious Thought in Medieval Judaism, Religious Issues in Contemporary Judaism (Major Trends in Modern Judaism; Women in Judaism), Talmud, Topics in Ancient Israelite Religion (The Sabbath in Literature and Liturgy), Topics in the History of Judaism.

(The courses below are cross-listed in Jewish Studies when they pertain to the Hebrew Bible):

REL R610 Studies in Biblical Literature and Religion (3 cr.)

REL R615 The Bible in Literature Courses (3 cr.)

REL R663 History of Biblical Interpretation (3 cr.)

REL R763 History of Biblical Interpretation (3 cr.)

REL R793 Advanced Biblical Study (1-3 cr.)

Theatre and Drama

THTR T583 Topics in Theatre and Drama (1-3 cr.) Topic: American-Jewish Drama

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