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University Graduate School 2002-2004 Specific Graduate Program Information

University Graduate
School 2002-2004
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Human-Computer Interaction

College of Arts and Sciences Bloomington

Martin Siegel (Education and Informatics)

Steering Committee
Elizabeth Boling (Education), Javed Mostafa (SLIS), Edward Robertson (Computer Science )

Core Faculty
Ph.D. Minor in Human-Computer Interaction

Core Faculty

Jim Craig (Psychology), Tom Duffy (Education), Dennis Gannon (Computer Science), Andrew Hanson (Computer Science), Diane Kewley (SPHS), Rob Kling (SLIS), Annie Lang (Telecommunications), Bob Port (Linguistics), Edward Robertson (Computer Science), Martin Siegel (Education), Iris Vessey (Business), Charles Watson (Emeritus, SPHS)

Associate Professors
Elizabeth Boling (Education) Curt Bonk (Education), David Leake (Computer Science), Ann Massey (Business), Javed Mostafa (SLIS), Gregory Rawlins (Computer Science), Dirk Van Gucht (Computer Science)

Assistant Professors
Eli Blevis (Informatics), Kay Borner* (SLIS), Sue Brown* (Business)

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Ph.D. Minor in Human-Computer Interaction

Course Requirements for the Ph.D. Minor in HCI (12 credit hours)
Twelve credit hours of study in Human-Computer Interaction are required. Students must take a 3 credit hour introductory graduate course in HCI from the School of Informatics, SLIS L542 Introduction to HCI, or EDUC R685 Human-Computer Interaction Design. In addition, students must take 9 credit hours from at least two departments other than the student's home department. All topical seminar classes must be approved by the student's HCI advisor for application to the minor.

A minimum of B (3.0) is required in each course that is to count toward the minor.

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Note: Consult the School of Informatics site www.informatics.indiana.edu for HCI course listings.

School of Library and Information Science
L542 Introduction to HCI (or equivalent) (3 cr.)
L578 User Interface Design for Information Systems (3 cr.)
L576 Digital Libraries (3 cr.)
L642 Information Usage and the Cognitive Artifact (3 cr.)
L697 Advanced Topics in Information Systems (1-4 cr.)

P450 Human Factors (graduate credit awarded with extra assignments) (3 cr.)

P544 Applied Cognition and Learning Strategies (3 cr.)
P600 Topical Seminar in Learning Cognition and Instruction (3 cr.)
R685 Human-Computer Interface Design (1-3 cr.)

Computer Science
A546 User Interface Programming (3 cr.)
P565-566 Software Engineering I-II (3 cr.)
B665-B666 Software Engineering Management/Implementation (3 cr.)
B581 Advanced Computer Graphics (3 cr.)
B582 Image Synthesis (3 cr.)
B669 Topics in Database and Information Systems (1-6 cr.)
B689 Topics in Graphics and Human Computer Interaction (1-6 cr.)

T541 Processes and Effects: Individual level theory and research. (3 cr.)
T571 Applied Cognitive Emotional And Psychology Theory (3 cr.)
T602 Seminar in Processes and Effects: The information processing of Media. (1-3 cr.)

Speech and Hearing Sciences
S522 Digital Signal Processing (3 cr.)

S601: MIS Research Topics in Applications Systems Design (3 cr.)
S602: MIS Research Topics in Administration and Technology (3 cr.)

The range of courses offered is designed to enable students to construct a program for the Ph.D. Minor in HCI that is relevant to their primary research interests. Students taking topics classes must establish, to the satisfaction of the Steering Committee, the relevance of the subject matter to HCI when proposing the inclusion of such courses. Further courses will be added to or removed from the list on an ongoing basis at the discretion of the steering committee.

The student's dissertation must address issues related to human-computer interaction.

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