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University Graduate School 2002-2004 Specific Graduate Program Information

University Graduate
School 2002-2004
Academic Bulletin

University Graduate School  
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Indiana University 
Bloomington, IN 47405 
(812) 855-8853 
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Gender Studies

College of Arts and Sciences Bloomington

Professor Judith A. Allen

Departmental E-mail

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Graduate Faculty
Affiliated Graduate Faculty
Ph.D. Minor in Gender Studies

Graduate Faculty

Professor Emerita
M. Jeanne Peterson

Martha C. Kraft Professor of Humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences
Fedwa Malti-Douglas

Peg Zeglin Brand Chair in Gender Studies
Helen Gremillion

Judith A. Allen (History), Carol Greenhouse (Anthropology, Communication and Culture), M. Jeanne Peterson (History)

Associate Professor
Laurel Cornell (Gender Studies/Sociology)

Associate Professor (Part-time)
Stephanie Sanders (The Kinsey Institute)

Assistant Professor
Peg Zeglin Brand* (Philosophy)

Clinical Assistant Professor
Cynthia Graham*

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Affiliated Graduate Faculty

Maryellen Bieder (Spanish and Portuguese), Susan Gubar (English), Karen Hanson (Philosophy), Lauren Robel (Law), Anya Peterson Royce (Anthropology), Darlene Sadlier (Spanish and Portuguese), Frances Stage (Education), Pamela Walters (Sociology), Mary Jo Weaver (Religious Studies), Susan Williams (Law), William Yarber (HPER), Enid Zimmerman (Education)

Associate Professors
Ellen Dwyer (Criminal Justice), Stephanie Kane (Criminal Justice), Catherine Larson (Spanish and Portuguese), Kathleen Myers* (Spanish and Portuguese), Beverly Stoeltje (Folklore)

Assistant Professor
Radhika Parameswaran* (Journalism)

Academic Advisor
Professor Judith A. Allen, Memorial Hall East 130, (812) 855-0101

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Ph.D. Minor in Gender Studies

The interdisciplinary Ph.D. minor in Gender Studies offers students an up-to-date, problem-oriented understanding of gender. Masculinity and femininity, often referred to as gender, have evolved throughout history and are still evolving. Gender is a feature of all known cultures. It is subject to continual reinterpretation and wide cross-cultural variation. Studying gender is not only fascinating in itself, but often provides important clues about other fundamental characteristics within and across cultures. Gender studies examines gender issues related to sexuality; the body; race and class; business and politics; health; developing societies; artistic movements; academic institutions and knowledge; sports and leisure; law; the media, and many other areas. Courses explore issues related to gender across academic disciplines to develop new approaches to knowledge about gender-related issues, and to transform traditional disciplines and fields of study. The evaluation and analysis are pursued through courses offered by Gender Studies; by the College of Arts and Sciences Departments of Afro-American Studies, Anthropology, Biology, Comparative Literature, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Folklore, French and Italian, History, History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology; and by the Schools of Education, Library and Information Sciences, Law, Music, Nursing, Public and Environmental Affairs, and Health, Physical Education and Recreation. The program is open to all graduate students.

Course Requirements
Four courses (at least 12 credit hours) from the list of courses approved by the Gender Studies Program, at least one of which must be G601 or G602. Candidates for the Ph.D. minor are required to take courses in both the humanities and social and behavioral sciences and 6 to 9 of the 12 credit hours outside the primary degree-granting department. Plans for the minor must be made in consultation with the director.

Only grades of B (3.0) and above will count for credit.

None required. A Ph.D. minor advisor may be invited to attend the student's oral qualifying examination.

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G601 Survey of Contemporary Research in Gender Studies: The Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 cr.)

G602 Survey of Contemporary Research in Gender Studies: The Humanities (3 cr.)

G695 Graduate Readings and Research in Gender Studies (1-6 cr.)

G701 Graduate Topics in Gender Studies (1-4 cr.)

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