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University Graduate School 2002-2004 Specific Graduate Program Information

University Graduate
School 2002-2004
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Institute of German Studies

College of Arts and Sciences Bloomington

Professor Marc A. Weiner

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Graduate Faculty
Program Information
Ph.D. Minor in German Studies

Graduate Faculty

George Buelow (Emeritus, Music), Matei Calinescu (Emeritus, Comparative Literature), Frederick Churchill (Emeritus, History and Philosophy of Science), James Diehl (History), Paul Eisenberg (Philosophy), Norman Furniss (Political Science), Maurice Garnier (Sociology), Ingeborg Hoesterey (Germanic Studies, Comparative Literature), Breon Mitchell (Germanic Studies, Comparative Literature), Elinor Ostrom (Political Science), Robert Rohrschneider* (Political Science), Alvin Rosenfeld (English), Terence Thayer (Germanic Studies), Marc A. Weiner (Germanic Studies, Comparative Literature)

Associate Professors
David Pace (History), William Rasch (Germanic Studies, Philosophy)

Assistant Professors
Fritz Breithaupt* (Germanic Studies), Michel Chaouli* (Germanic Studies), Michelle Facos (Fine Arts)

Academic Advisor
Professor Marc A. Weiner, Ballantine Hall 668, (812) 855-2033

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Program Information

The Institute of German Studies provides graduate students with a flexible curriculum to pursue study and research in the society and cultural production of German-speaking Europe from 1740 to the present. Most work on this subject unfolds through consideration of diverse critical paradigms, including those in current American culture studies. Study in the institute is linked closely, but not exclusively, to the master's degree in modern German multure in the Department of Germanic Studies, and is also open to students from related disciplines (e.g., West European Studies, History, Political Science, Philosophy, the Program in Cultural Studies, the Jewish Studies Program, and the School of Music). The Institute also offers a Ph.D. minor. Courses are taught by the faculty of the Department of Germanic Studies specializing in 1740 to the present, and by instructors in the above-mentioned related disciplines.

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Ph.D. Minor in German Studies

The Ph.D. minor in German studies is available to doctoral students in all departments except Germanic Studies; 15 credit hours of course work are required. Consult the director of the Institute for information regarding courses acceptable for the minor.

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The following, nonexclusive list contains examples of the kinds of courses that may be taken outside of the Department of Germanic Studies for credit in the Institute.

V605 Selected Topics in German Studies (2-4 cr.; 12 cr. max.)

V815 Individual Readings in German Studies (1-8 cr.) May be repeated for credit.


E607 Selected Topics in German Studies (2-4 cr.; 12 cr. max.)

V815 Individual Readings in German Studies (1-8 cr.) May be repeated for credit.

Comparative Literature

C504 Topics in World Criticism and Theory II (4 cr.)

C546 Sexuality and the Arts (4 cr.)

C555 Theory and Methods of Interarts Studies (4 cr.)

C602 Contemporary Theoretical Issues and Approaches (4 cr.)

C655 Topics in Interarts Studies ( 4 cr.)

Film Studies

C590 Film and Society (4 cr.)

C693 Film Adaptations of Literature (4 cr.)

C790 Studies in Film and Literature ( 4 cr.)

C792 Film History and Theory ( 4 cr.)

Fine Arts

A442 Twentieth-Century Art 1900-1924 (4 cr.)

A495 Readings and Research in Art History (1-4 cr.; 8 cr. max.) Topic: Twentieth-Century German Art.

Germanic Studies

G503 Introduction to Graduate Study in German Literature (3 cr.)

G563 German Culture Studies I (3 cr.)

G564 German Culture Studies II (3 cr.)

G575 Historical Study of German Literature III (3 cr.)

G577 Historical Study of German Literature IV (3 cr.)

G625 Colloquium (3 cr.)

G825 Seminar in German Literature (4 cr.)


B366 Paris and Berlin in the 1920s: A Cultural History (3 cr.)

B378 History of Germany since 1648 II (3-3 cr.)

B393 German History: From Bismarck to Hitler (3 cr.)

H523 The Holocaust (3 cr.)

H620 Colloquium: Modern Western European History (4 cr.) Topic: Problems in Modern German History.

History and Philosophy of Science

X567 Science in Germany: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (3 cr.)

School of Music, Department of Musicology

M502 Composers (3 cr.) Topic: Wagner/Beethoven/Strauss.


P522 Topics in the History of Modern Philosophy (3 cr.)

P544 Selected Topics in History of Social and Political Philosophy (3 cr.)

Political Science

Y657 Comparative Politics (3 cr.)

Religious Studies

R680 Religion and the Problems of Modernity (3 cr.)


S660 Advanced Topics (3 cr.) Topic: The Sociological Structures of the United States and Germany.

West European Studies

W301 Modern European Politics and Society (3 cr.)

W302 Modern European Culture and National Identities (3 cr.)

Additional courses are often drawn from the nonexclusive list of departments and programs given above. Consent of the director of the institute and from the individual instructor of each course must be obtained to enroll.

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