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Students interested in the teacher education programs can seek information about the School of Education via e-mail at EdHelp [at] indiana [dot] edu or arrange for an appointment by telephone (812) 856-8500. Academic advisors are available through out the year. Students should make certain that they understand the requirements for successful completion of the program and have an appropriate plan for each semester. Online Academic Advising Reports (AAR) and program planning sheets are two effective tools used by advisors and students to track academic progress. AARs are available to admitted Indiana University students through AARs allow Indiana University students to view their completed and enrolled course credits in a context that shows completed academic program requirements as well as those requirements that remain unfinished. Detailed program planning sheets are available at SOE 1000 or on the Web at: Program plans specify total credit hours needed for completion of the degree, courses to be taken, GPA requirements and other information. Adhering to stated requirements is the student’s responsibility.

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