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Fundamental Skills Competency & Course Distribution Requirements

Fundamental Skills Competency Requirements
Course Distribution Requirements
Completing B.G.S. Concentration Requirements
Completing Elective Requirements
Minors and Certificates

Fundamental Skills Competency Requirements

For both the A.A. in General Studies and B.G.S., you must meet Fundamental Skills Competency Requirements that demonstrate college-level competency in four areas: written communication, oral communication, quantitative reasoning, and computer literacy. (The general requirements for the A.A. in General Studies or B.G.S. may encompass many of these fundamental skills requirements. See requirements for Associate of Arts in General Studies and Bachelor of General Studies.) You may demonstrate fundamental skills competency by completing an appropriate college-level nonremedial course or its transfer equivalent in English composition/writing, speech/communication, quantitative reasoning, and computer science or by exercising other options, including departmental, CLEP, or DANTES exams.

A course that fulfills one of the four competency requirements at any Indiana University campus fulfills that requirement for the General Studies Degree Program at any other Indiana University campus. Acceptable grades for courses meeting competency requirements must be consistent with the campus's requirements.

Many independent study courses are available to fulfill competency requirements. Important: Consult with your General Studies Degree Program counselor to determine which courses fulfill competency requirements on your campus.

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Course Distribution Requirements

To complete either general studies degree, you complete course work in three learning areas: arts and humanities, science and mathematics, and social and behavioral sciences. These requirements give you broad exposure to the humanities and sciences. To fulfill the requirements, you may choose from a variety of subject fields within each learning area. These subject fields are described below. You also complete additional hours of elective credit.

Important: The subject fields grouped under the three learning areas may vary among Indiana University campuses. Consult your general studies counselor for your campus's specific requirements.

Arts and Humanities
Arts and humanities courses provide knowledge and interpretive frameworks through which you may reflect on the complexity of human history, assess the difficulties of determining moral values, appreciate the range and value of human emotion and thought, and be sensitive to the varieties of aesthetic expression.

Science and Mathematics
Science and mathematics courses give you an appreciation of the physical and biological environment, introduce the discipline of systematic inquiry, provide insight into experimental methods and results, and illustrate the role and methods of the mathematical sciences.

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Social and behavioral sciences courses give you the means to analyze and understand the social institutions in which you live, as well as the behavior of individuals as they relate to one another and the world.

Following are some of the departments that offer courses that fulfill the distribution requirements:

Arts and Humanities
Afro-American Studies
American Studies
Classical Studies
Comparative Literature
Fine Arts
Foreign Languages
History & Philosophy of Science
Musicology & Music History
Religious Studies
Theatre & Drama

Science and Mathematics
Anatomy & Physiology
Computer Science
Plant Sciences

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Political Science
Criminal Justice

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Completing B.G.S. Concentration Requirements

To complete your concentration for the B.G.S., you must

  • complete an additional 18 credit hours in one of three learning areas: arts and humanities, science and mathematics, or social and behavioral sciences.
  • complete courses from at least two departments in the learning area you select for your concentration area.
  • earn a minimum grade of C- in the courses you use to fulfill the concentration requirement. You may use passing grades below C- only as elective credit.
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Completing Elective Requirements

As an A.A. in General Studies or B.G.S. student, you may select any of the nonremedial, nondevelopmental courses Indiana University offers to fulfill elective requirements. These electives allow you to explore diverse academic areas of interest and to tailor your general studies degree to your individual needs. You are encouraged to consult with your general studies counselor and to choose courses in subjects related to your academic, professional, and personal interests.

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Minors and Certificates

Optional Minors
You may complete a minor in conjunction with the B.G.S. However, you must discuss this possibility with, and obtain written approval from, the school or department awarding the minor. We will keep this approval in your file.

Optional Certificates
While meeting your degree requirements, you may simultaneously fulfill requirements for certain certificates. For example, you may complete our certificate in hospital accounting (offered through our Independent Study Program), regardless of whether you are a distance or on-campus student.

Most Indiana University campuses offer additional certificate programs that you may earn from your local campus. For more information on earning certificates, talk to your general studies counselor.

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