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School of Continuing Studies 2001-2003 Bulletin

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School of Continuing Studies 2001-2003 Bulletin Table of Contents

School of
Continuing Studies
Academic Bulletin

School of Continuing Studies 
Director of General Studies 
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Academic Regulations

Withdrawing from Courses
Retaking Courses Previously Failed—FX Policy
Academic Forgiveness


Grades are awarded on the following basis:

=   4.0   Excellent
=   3.7
=   3.3
=   3.0   Good
=   2.7
=   2.3
=   2.0   Average
=   1.7
=   1.3
=   1.0   Poor
=   0.7
=   0.0   Unsatisfactory

Grade Point Average (GPA)
Your semester GPA is computed by dividing the number of credit points you earned that semester by the number of credit hours you attempted. Grades of W (withdrawn), I (incomplete), S (satisfactory), or P (pass) do not affect your GPA.

The cumulative GPA is the total number of credit points you have earned in all Indiana University course work divided by the total number of credit hours you have attempted (not including courses graded S or P).

Pass/Fail Option
If you are an A.A. in General Studies student, you may enroll in a maximum of four elective courses taken with a grade of P (pass) or F (fail). If you are B.G.S. student in good academic standing, you may enroll in a maximum of eight elective courses taken with a grade of P (pass) or F (fail).

Courses you take on a pass/fail basis must be electives. You may not use them to satisfy any of the course distribution requirements (see Course Distribution Requirements) or count them as part of your concentration area (see Concentration Requirements). You may use the courses to meet the B.G.S.'s 300- to 400-level course requirement (see B.G.S. Requirements) and fundamental skills competency and course distribution requirements (see Fundamental Skills Competency & Course Distribution Requirements). Note that requirements vary among campuses.

Deadlines for filing an application for the pass/fail option are included in each campus's current Schedule of Classes. If you are taking an independent study course, submit applications for the pass/fail option before taking any exams or reaching the course's midpoint.

We do not count a grade of P in computing your GPA; we do include a grade of F. We cannot subsequently change a grade of P to a letter grade.

Incomplete Grades
You must fulfill course requirements for removing a grade of incomplete (I) within the time your instructor specifies, or the grade will automatically change to F one calendar year after the date you received the incomplete.

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Withdrawing from Courses

Deadlines and procedures for withdrawing from courses may vary by campus and/or school, so check with your campus's current Schedule of Classes to verify deadlines and procedures. If you are an independent study student, follow the procedures in the current edition of the Independent Study Program University Course Catalog.

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Retaking Courses Previously Failed—FX Policy

If you are an undergraduate who repeats a course that you previously failed, you may request to have only the second grade calculated in your GPA. If you repeat a course, your transcript will record both grades; the original grade will be marked FX. You may exercise the FX option no more than once for a given course. Check the FX or Extended-X policy on your campus.

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Academic Forgiveness

The academic forgiveness policy avoids placing an excessive burden on you if you have previously made an unsatisfactory start at Indiana University. The policy is not intended to enable you to stay in school if you have chronically poor academic performance or to raise false expectations if you are not making progress toward your degree.

If you have successfully completed 12 credit hours in the General Studies Degree Program (with a minimum GPA of 2.0), the following policies take effect:

1. At your option, grades of D or F earned at Indiana University five years or more before you were admitted to the School of Continuing Studies may be deleted from our internal record. The cumulative GPA on the Indiana University transcript will not change.

2. You may request forgiveness of an unsatisfactory semester or 12 credit hours of part-time work at Indiana University if the semester/12 credit hours is/are within a five-year period before your admission to the School of Continuing Studies. Although all Indiana University courses remain on your permanent record, we can exclude all credits you attempted and grade points you earned during this unsatisfactory semester/12 credit hours when computing your School of Continuing Studies GPA.

If you exercise this option, none of the grades and credits you earned during the unsatisfactory semester/12 credit hours are applicable to your general studies degree. Therefore, you are advised to consult with your general studies counselor about this policy's advisability.

Important: Although the options above allow unsatisfactory grades to be removed from our internal record, the grades remain on the official record maintained by the Office of the Registrar.

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