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School of Continuing Studies 2001-2003 Bulletin

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School of Continuing Studies 2001-2003 Bulletin Table of Contents

School of
Continuing Studies
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School of Continuing Studies 
Director of General Studies 
Indiana University Bloomington 
Owen Hall 101 
790 E. Kirkwood Avenue 
Bloomington, IN 47405-7101 
Toll Free: (800) 334-1011 
Fax: (812) 855-8680 Local: (812) 855-2292 
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Application Procedures

Application Fees
Application and Admission Deadlines


If you are interested in pursuing a general studies degree, apply for admission to the School of Continuing Studies as follows:

1. Download and complete the application form from the following Web site: http://www.indiana.edu/~scs/pdf/gsapplication.pdf and mail it to the office(s) of your choice. (See Offices.) Application forms can also be picked up from any General Studies Degree Program office. (See Offices.)

2. If you are a citizen of another country, even if you are in the United States on an immigration visa, submit TOEFL scores and a 300- to 500-word hand-written essay. The essay is to be written on a topic of your choice and may include autobiographical information. If you intend to pursue a general studies degree on an Indiana University campus, also submit an international application for admission (obtainable from the admissions office on the campus you plan to attend).

3. If you have not previously attended a college or university as a degree student, submit official copies of your school transcript or evidence of having earned a GED high school equivalency diploma. If you do not have a high school diploma or GED high school equivalency diploma, attach a letter explaining how your previous experience has prepared you to pursue a college degree.

4. If you have previously attended college, ask the college(s) or university(ies) you attended to forward official transcripts to the Indiana University office you are sending your application to.

5. If you are a veteran, submit a copy of the DD214 form. If you are presently on active duty, request an official copy of your DD295 form (or your AARTS, SMARTS, or Community College of the Air Force transcripts) from your education officer. Enclose with these forms certificates of completion from training programs and special schools.

6. If you have completed educational programs/courses in noncollegiate organizations (see special opportunites), ask to have official records of program/course completion sent directly from the awarding organization.

7. If you have taken the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), Defense Activity for Nontraditional Support (DANTES), or the ACT-PEP Regents (Excelsior) College exams, ask to have official transcripts of your exam scores sent directly from the testing agency.

8. If you have been placed on academic probation, dismissed, or denied readmission to a previously attended school, provide a letter explaining the circumstances and the reasons you believe you will now succeed.

9. If you are a campus-based student, submit your application materials to the general studies office on the campus you will be admitted to. (See Offices.)

10. If you are a distance student, submit your application materials to the university-wide office. (See Offices.)

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Application Fees

If you have not previously attended Indiana University, you must pay a nonrefundable application fee when you submit your application. Application fees vary from campus to campus and are subject to change. Below are the 2002-03 fees for U.S. citizens/international students.

University-wide (not affiliated with a campus)
IU Bloomington
IUPUI (Indianapolis)
IUPU Columbus
IU East (Richmond)
IU Kokomo
IU Northwest (Gary)
IPFW (Fort Wayne)
IU South Bend
IU Southeast (New Albany)

Important: If you enroll in Independent Study Program courses at the same time you enroll in the General Studies Degree Program, do not include your independent study course fees with your General Studies Degree Program application fee. Submit your course fees and general studies application fee separately.

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Application and Admission Deadlines

If you plan to take regular-session, on-campus courses, contact your campus regarding application deadlines. If you are a distance student, you may enroll year-round, so there are no specific application deadlines.

Your official admission date is the date we accept you into the General Studies Degree Program. This date may not coincide with the date the Indiana University Office of Admissions processes your application. If we approve your admission on or prior to the campus pass/fail deadline, we will consider any current course work as course work taken after your admission to the General Studies Degree Program.

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