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Individualized Major Program

Admission Requirements
Formal requirements for admission to the IMP are the same as those for the College of Arts and Sciences, except that the IMP requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Students who do not meet this GPA requirement, but who feel that their past grades do not accurately reflect their potential for success in the IMP, may request permission from the IMP director to go through the application process. Such permission allows the applicant, like other applicants, to formally present his or her case to an Admissions Committee. This does not, of course, guarantee that the student will be accepted into the IMP.

The Individualized Major Program (IMP) enables students to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in the College of Arts and Sciences through a course of study that, while meeting College requirements and conforming to general university standards of breadth and rigor, is tailored to individual interests and goals. IMP students, working closely with their faculty sponsors, pursue interests that cut across usual departmental and disciplinary boundaries. Their programs normally combine regular courses from several departments and independent and self-directed work.

Although IMP students will not be exempted from specific College of Arts and Sciences course requirements, they may in special cases be allowed to modify College general-education requirements in order to be able to include courses that are more congruent with the logic of their specific programs. IMP students are extremely diverse; they all have well-developed interests, are highly motivated, and are capable of carrying out independent work.

Examples of majors that have been carried out under the auspices of the Individualized Major Program include musical theater, medical illustration, arts management, international studies, film/video production, fashion design, paleobiology, environmental studies, screen writing, Latin American culture, photography, multi-media studies, public relations, animal psychology, and many others.

IMP students are eligible to take a second major in another department if the course credit is separate and distinct from the IMP concentration. Students in the IMP may graduate with honors if their GPA meets honors standards and if their project work is deemed of honors quality by the IMP review committee.

The Individualized Major Program is administered by a faculty committee that is responsible for granting admission to the program, for reviewing student programs underway, for evaluating a thesis or project, and for the final oral review. The Individualized Major Program Faculty Committee will recommend students for the B.A. degree.

Students wishing detailed information concerning the IMP should consult with the program coordinator in the office at Ballantine Hall 129, (812) 855-9588.

Course Descriptions

I360 Individualized Major Program, Readings and Research (regular grading) (1-3 cr.) P: candidate for Individualized Major Program.
I450 Individualized Major Program, Readings and Research (S/F grading) (cr. arr.) P: admittance to Individualized Major Program.
I460 Individualized Major Program, Readings and Research (regular grading) (cr. arr.) P: admittance to Individualized Major Program.

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