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IU Public Policy Institute

In 2008, Indiana University established the IU Public Policy Institute, a collaborative, multidisciplinary research institute within the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. The Institute is composed of a team of experienced faculty and staff with expertise in policy analysis, program evaluation, facilitation, and planning. Our research provides a neutral voice to dialogues among political and community leaders who need to understand the long-term effects of policy decisions. The Institute serves as an umbrella organization for research centers affiliated with SPEA, including the IU Center for Urban Policy and the Environment, and the IU Center for Criminal Justice Research. The Institute also supports the Office of International Community Development and the Indiana Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (IACIR).

The mission of the Institute is to provide the necessary resources and infrastructure to SPEA research centers to support and enhance their applied research efforts that contribute to important policy discussions and address issues that directly impact quality of life in Indiana communities and throughout the nation.

Additional information about the IU Public Policy Institute, the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment, and the Center for Criminal Justice Research, can be found at

IU Public Policy Institute
334 N. Senate Ave., Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46204-1708
(317) 261-3000
(317) 261-3050 (fax)

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