Returning Education - Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Forgiveness Policy applies to former IU students pursuing a first undergraduate degree who have been away from the IU system and have not attended any other college or university, including any campus of IU, for the last five years. Students may apply for forgiveness upon application for admission to a degree-granting unit. If the student has not yet been admitted to a degree-granting unit, the student should submit a notification of intent to petition for academic forgiveness as part of the academic advising process. If the petition is approved, the student starts with a fresh cumulative grade point index, after which all the rules of academic probation and dismissal (for SPEA) will apply. The school will evaluate the student’s transcript, and all courses taken previously will remain on the permanent record. Only credit hours for courses with grades C or above, P, or S may be counted toward degree completion. After approval, the student must complete a minimum of 32 credit hours on the IUPUI campus in order to meet the graduation residency requirement.

Requirements for a Second Bachelor’s Degree
Students must petition for approval to work toward a second bachelor’s degree. If permission is granted, students are required to take 30 credit hours beyond the credits used for the first bachelor’s degree and satisfy all the requirements for the second degree. Generally, SPEA encourages students to work toward a graduate degree rather than a second bachelor’s degree.

Academic Bulletins

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