Policies & Procedures

BSW in Social Work

Selected Educational Policies

For continuance in and graduation from the program, students are required to: (1) earn at least a "C" in each Social Work course (2) to earn a "Satisfactory" in S481 Social Work Practicum I and S482 Social Work Practicum II (3) maintain a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA in required Social Work courses and a minimum 2.5 overall GPA; (4) to carry out professional activity in conformity with the values and ethics of the profession, and to comply with any contract which might have been entered into under either a Provisional Admission or a Student Performance Review.

In the event of failure to meet such requirements, students will be ineligible to continue in the program. Such students are encouraged to consult with their faculty advisor regarding realistic planning for the future, including the right to petition for administrative review. Detailed descriptions of student continuation policies are in the B.S.W. Student Handbookor on the Web at socialwork.iu.edu.

Repeated Courses

Required social work courses may be repeated only after the student is officially reinstated in the program with permission.


A grade of Incomplete (I) may be assigned by an instructor only when exceptional circumstances such as an illness, injury, or a family emergency prevents a student from finishing all the work required for the course. The grade of incomplete may be considered only when a substantial portion of the course work has already been completed, the coursework is of a satisfactory quality, and n o more than one major exam or assignment is outstanding. The studnet who does not meet these requirements should meet with her/his advisor  to withdraw from the course (s) in question. The student should refer to the Registrar's Office on her/his respective campus regarding the policies and deadline for automatic withdrawal for the semster in question.

The instructor, on a case-by-case basis, evaluates incompletes. The grade of Incomplete (I) will be changed to a grade by the instructor of record, based upon the contract devised by the course instructor and approved by the B.S.W. Program Director.

If the terms of the Incomplete contract are not met by the student, the instructor will assign the original grade.

Pass/Fail Grades

Students can take a maximum of four non-social work elective courses as Pass-Fail. All general requirements and supportive area requirements need a letter grade. All required social work courses receive a letter grade except for S481 and S482 Social Work Practicum I and II which are graded as Satsfacotry/Fail.

Liability Insurance

Students are required to carry professional liability insurance. Under the school’s blanket policy, the cost of insurance is included in the student’s practicum course fee.

Credit for Life Experience

Academic credit for previous life and work experience is not given in whole or in part toward the social work degree.

Criminal History

Students with criminal histories other than those deriving from sexual offenses may be eligible for admission into the B.S.W. program. Eligibility in these circumstances is determined by a case-by-case assessment. While having a criminal background may not preclude students from participating in the B.S.W. program, they should be aware of educational and professional implications. Agency policies and state laws may impose limitations for students and professionals with criminal histories attempting to obtain field placements, employment in certain practice settings, and/ or professional licensure. Laws vary by state and are subject to change over time. Students should consult individual state licensing agencies for futher information. The B.S.W. program is not responsible for disruptions in a student’s educational plan resulting from a criminal background.

Academic Bulletins

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