Optician/Technician Program (AS)

Honors and Awards

Graduation with Honors

The Associate of Science in Optometric Technology/Opticianry degree is granted with distinction to students who have demonstrated laudatory scholarship in their studies and graduate within the top 10 percent of their graduating class. The specific honor is noted on the graduate’s diploma. The Optician/Technician cumulative program grade point average and the corresponding citations are 3.70, with distinction; 3.80, with high distinction; 3.90, with highest distinction.

Awards and Recognitions

Each year, many awards are presented to School of Optometry students. Periodically, students will receive notices regarding eligibility and application deadlines. Inquiries should be directed to the School of Optometry’s Office of Student Administration or to the faculty chairperson of the Awards and Honors Committee. The actual list of awards may vary from year to year and not all awards are presented each year.

Second-Year Optician/Technician Students

Essilor of America Award of Excellence

Indiana University Optometry Alumni Association Awards: (1) Technician of the Year and (2) Optician of the Year

Robert G. Corns, O.D., Scholarship for Optician/Technician Students

Academic Bulletins

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