Graduate Programs

Basic Biomedical Sciences Programs

The Indiana University School of Medicine faculty at Indianapolis, in collaboration with the University Graduate School, offers students an opportunity to pursue an M.S. or Ph.D. in anatomy and cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, cellular and integrative physiology, medical and molecular genetics, biomolecular imaging and biophysics, medical neuroscience, microbiology and immunology, pathology and laboratory medicine, pharmacology, and toxicology. The Medical Sciences Program (Bloomington) has programs in anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, and physiology.

All incoming Indianapolis Ph.D. students participate in a common first year community of students: The IUSM BioMedical Gateway (IBMG) program provides a common first year curriculum, choice of laboratory rotation experiences, and the freedom to join any available program at the end of the first year. Descriptions of programs and application materials can be found online at

In addition, specialized M.S. degree programs are available in biotechnology, clinical research, genetic counseling, and pathologist‘s assistant. Graduate certificates in biotechnology, clinical research and medical dosimetry are also available.

For additional information, contact:
Graduate Division
Indiana University School of Medicine
Medical Science Building 207
635 Barnhill Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5120
Telephone: (317) 274-3441

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