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Presentation Technology Services

Presentation Technology Services (PTS), a component of ET, provides a variety of technologies and services, including:

  • Computer displays: large screen projection, high intensity overhead, computer interfaces, multi-scan monitors
  • Audio and video recorders: classroom videotaping services, video playback, audio recording
  • Sound reinforcement systems: microphones, speaker, mixers, customized large conference audio systems
  • Slide, overhead, and video projectors: synchronized dual slide projection, clear acetate overheads, video projection, slide/sound playbacks, live video feeds
  • Interactive audience response systems: instantaneous audience survey and polling with audience feedback

See the Presentation Technology Services website for detailed information

Department of Knowledge Informatics and Translation (KIT)

975 W. Walnut Street, IB 310
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Telephone: (317) 274-7183
Fax: (317) 278-2349

KIT Administration

  • Charles M. Clark, Jr. MD, interim chair, Department of Knowledge Informatics and Translation
  • Lola Thompson, Director of Administration and Finance
  • Elaine Skopelja, M.A.L.S., Associate Librarian
  • Elizabeth Whipple, M.L.S., Assistant Librarian
  • Polly Willhite, Financial Manager

Academic Bulletins

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