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The IU Medical Student Council consists of more than 100 members and serves as the primary liaison between the student body and the Dean’s Office. The Council works closely with the faculty and administration to convey student opinions and ideas, and plays a proactive role in helping address many of the issues that impact the educational process. The Council is the executive and legislative branch of the student government and is comprised of 25 voting members, including four presiding council officers, 16 class officers (four from each class) and four regional center liaisons. In addition, over 20 elected class representatives from each regional campus as well as 45 dean-appointed and 25 MSC-appointed representatives participate in Council meetings, initiatives and resolutions. Student leaders representing over 50 student interest groups (e.g., medical specialty, community service, state and national organizations, etc.) also attend the monthly Council meetings and participate regularly in council-sponsored functions. Monthly meetings are open to all students and are available by polycom to all medical education sites.

Each Medical Student Council member is either elected by his or her peers or is appointed following a comprehensive application and interviewing process. Upon induction as a member, a student will gain proficiency in the many facets of leadership development and participates in the annual Medical Student Council Leadership Day which features a full day of interactive leadership discussions and workshops. Finally, the Medical Student Council website ( provides over three hundred pages of information, including the descriptions, process for selection and contact information of all of its members. The website also provides the most centralized and updated listing of all officially recognized student interest groups and the contact information of student interest group leaders.

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