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School of Medicine Alumni Association

The association is a constituent society within the Indiana University Alumni Association. Active membership is open to all graduates of the School of Medicine. In addition, the association offers affiliate membership for non-graduates who are practicing physicians, individuals who have completed residency or fellowship training at the Medical Center, non-alumni members of the faculty, and friends of the school. Honorary memberships are awarded under special circumstances.

The School of Medicine’s alumni roll totals over 18,100 individuals. Of these, 18 percent maintain active membership in the School of Medicine Alumni Association, making it one of the top five societies in terms of percentage of alumni association membership at Indiana University. This body is directed by the Medical Alumni Council, elected to three-year terms.

The association sponsors several programs, including the Helping Our Students Travel (HOST) program, Operation: MEDS (Medical students Exploring Different Specialties) speed-mentoring program, continuing medical education, receptions in conjunction with national specialty meetings and at the regional centers, new student/parent orientation. Additionally, the association sponsors a merchandise program offering School of Medicine apparel for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and family members.

A highlight of the year’s alumni activity is the Spring Medical Alumni Weekend, held annually on the Indianapolis Medical Center campus. Attracting hundreds of physicians and friends, the program includes an all-alumni reception, professional development workshops, announcement of our three sponsored awards (Glenn W. Irwin, Jr. MD, Distinguished Faculty Award, Distinguished Alumni Award, and Early Career Achievement), the School’s annual Strawberry Shortcake Luncheon (celebrating 64 years in 2011), and reunion events for special classes.

The following are members of the School of Medicine Alumni Council:

  • President, Michael Agostino, MD ’89
  • President-elect, Terry R. Brown, MD ’77
  • Treasurer, Robert M. Paul, MD ’07 
  • Executive Council Representative, Gary Beck, MD ’79  
  • Immediate Past President, Robert L. Forste, MD ’71

Council Members:

  • Melissa D. Spurr, MD ’07
  • Michael T. Johnson, MD ’83
  • Elizabeth Basquin Krause, MD ’88
  • Kyle O. Rapp, MD ’99
  • Patricia A. Treadwell, MD (Residency ’80, ’83)
  • Charles J. Dietzen, MD ’87
  • John S. Strobel, MD ’91
  • Jeff K. Moore, MD ’79
  • Sharon J. Singleton, MD ’00
  • Rhys A. Rudolph, MD ‘79
  • Casey A. Litwinko, MPH ’07 (president MPH Alumni Association)

Ex Officio:

  • D. Craig Brater, M.D, Dean
  • Liz Elkas, Associate Dean for Development
  • Jayme Little, Director, Alumni Programs, Alumni Relations
  • Georgia Sinclair Strickland, Gift Officer, Gift Development
  • 2 Student Ambassadors
  • Medical Student Council President

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