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Department of Psychiatry

  • X 600 Introduction to Clinical Medicine I: The Patient-Doctor Relationship (60 hrs.) (2 cr.) A multidepartmental, interdisciplinary course designed to introduce students to the patient-doctor relationship through interactions with faculty and patients in a variety of settings. In small groups facilitated by primary care and behavioral science faculty, students direct their learning toward the complexity of the context from which a patient seeks medical care. To achieve this, students examine normal human behavior and development throughout the life cycle. Issues addressed include preventive health care, sexuality, cultural diversity, minority health issues, religion and spirituality, family dynamics, the economics of health care, and death and dying. Foreman and Associates
  • X 601 Introduction to Clinical Medicine II: Introduction to Clinical Care (398 hrs.) (21 cr.) A multidepartmental course designed to introduce clinical medicine. Includes medical history taking and physical examination skills learned at the bedside with direct patient contact. Clinical medicine is surveyed concurrently with emphasis on pathophysiology and diagnosis. Problem-solving skills are stressed, including synthesis and interpretation of medical data. Kellams and Associates
  • PSY–N 730 Psychiatric Clinical Clerkship (180 hrs.) (4 cr.) Core experiences in techniques of patient evaluation and management within an inpatient, as well as an outpatient, setting. This four-week clerkship includes chemical dependency. Adult as well as child and adolescent psychiatry experiences are offered. Clinical assignments include the following facilities: Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Riley Children’s Hospital, Roudebush VA Medical Center, University Hospital, University Adult Psychiatry Clinic, and Wishard Memorial Hospital/Midtown Community Mental Health Center. Butler and Associates
  • PSY–N 898 Senior Elective in Psychiatry (arr. hrs.) (arr. cr.) A variety of electives are offered within the department. Specific information on each elective is available in the Senior Elective Program Course Listing, which is updated and published in February of each year. These electives are offered in the Medical Center facilities and in approved programs in clinics and hospitals throughout the state. Butler and Associates

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