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Department of Pediatrics

  • PED–K 710 Core Pediatrics Clerkship (340 hrs.) (8 cr.) The clerkship in pediatrics for third-year medical students is divided into approximately three-and-a-half week rotations on inpatient and outpatient settings. Inpatient rotations are offered at Riley, Methodist, and Wishard hospitals; outpatient rotations are with general pediatricians including private pediatricians throughout Indiana, and may include one week in the normal newborn nursery (note that at the time of this publication the medical school is in the midst of expansion planning, and those plans include more opportunities for clinical clerkships at different venues around the state). Study and care of patients is augmented by daily lectures or conferences for students, by attending physician rounds and resident physician rounds, by attendance at departmental conferences, and through online curriculum including Computer-assisted Learning in Pediatrics Program (CLIPP).
  • PED–K 899 Electives in Pediatrics (arr. hrs.) (arr. cr.) A variety of electives are offered within the department. Specific information on each elective is available in the Elective Program Course Listing, which is available on the Medical Student Affairs Web site. These electives are offered in the Medical Center and Clarian facilities and in approved programs in clinics and hospitals throughout the state.

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