Courses by Department

Department of Ophthalmology

Chair: Dr. Louis Cantor
Director of Medical Student Education: Dr. Chi Wah Rudy Yung

  • OPTH–E 854 Special Elective and Research in Ophthalmology (arr. hrs.) (arr. cr.) Staff (Elective 93IA990 is listed in the Senior Elective Program.)
  • OPTH–E 899 Senior Elective in Ophthalmology (arr. hrs.) (arr. cr.) A variety of electives (93IA710, 49IA704, 71IA703 and 82IA711) are offered within the department. Specific information on each elective is available in the Senior Elective Program Course Listing, which is updated and published every February. These electives are offered in the Medical Center facilities (93IA710) and in approved programs in clinics and hospitals throughout the state (49IA704, 71IA703, 82IA711).

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