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Department of Neurological Surgery

  • N 720 Clinical Neurology Clerkship (4 cr.) An integrated core clinical clerkship presented jointly by the Department of Neurology and the Department of Neurological Surgery. Staff
  • S 899 Senior Elective in NNeurological Surgery (arr. hrs.) (arr. cr.) A variety of electives are offered within the department. Specific information on each elective is available in the Senior Elective Program Course Listing, which is updated and published every February. These electives are offered in the Medical Center facilities and in approved programs in clinics and hospitals throughout the state. Nelson and Staff
  • 93SN 990 Neurosurgery Senior Honors Program (n/a cr.) In-depth three-month senior elective rotation on the Neurosurgery service. One-month clinical rotation and two months laboratory experience in the lab of your special interest. Specific information on each neurosurgery laboratory is available within the department. Barton/Nelson

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