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Interdepartmental Courses (Indianapolis)

  • MSCI–X 501 Topics in Basic Medical Sciences (arr. cr.) Special topics in the basic medical sciences as assigned by the School of Medicine for supplementing and modifying a student's academic program. Staff
  • MSCI–X 600 Introduction to Clinical Medicine I: The Patient-Doctor Relationship (60 hrs.) (3 cr.) A multidepartmental, interdisciplinary course designed to introduce students to the patient-doctor relationship through interactions with faculty and patients in variety of settings. In small groups facilitated by primary care and behavioral science faculty, students direct their learning toward the complexity of the context from which a patient seeks medical care. To achieve this, students examine normal human behavior and development throughout the life cycle. Issues addressed include communication skills, normal human growth and development, medical ethics and professionalism, sexuality, cultural diversity, minority health issues, the role of communities, religion and spirituality, family dynamics, and death and dying. Gaffney and Staff
  • MSCI–X 601 Introduction to Clinical Medicine II: The Clinical Encounter (398 hrs.) (21 cr.) An interdisciplinary course designed to introduce students to clinical medicine. Includes medical interviewing and physical examination skills learned at the bedside with direct patient contact. Clinical medicine is surveyed with emphasis on pathophysiology and diagnosis. Problem-solving skills are stressed, including synthesis and interpretation of medical data. Gaffney and Staff
  • MSCI–X 602 Evidence-Based Medicine (11 hrs.) (1 cr.) A short (three-week), intensive, and highly interactive course. Uses sample patient problems in teaching students to use techniques of clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, and medical informatics to ask patient-focused questions, evaluate literature, and decide on appropriate treatment plans. Four lectures and three small-group sessions led by select group of faculty. Staff
  • MSCI–X 604 Concepts of Health and Disease (4 cr.) A multidepartmental, interdisciplinary course which integrates concepts of the first-year medical curriculum using the problem-based learning approach. Students work in small groups facilitated by faculty to interpret clinical cases and integrate basic science and clinical science concepts. Designed to assess the proficiency at Level I for portions of the competencies. Staff
  • MSCI–X 800 Topics in Clinical Sciences (arr. cr.) Staff
  • MSCI–X 801 Seminar in Medical Sciences (arr. cr.) Staff

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