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Department of Emergency Medicine

Chair: Professor Hobgood

  • EMER–X 602 Evidence-Based Medicine (1 cr.) A part of the Freshman Core Curriculum. EBM is a short introduction to the principles of integration of evidence, experience, and values in clinical decision making. Staff
  • EMER–X 690 Emergency Medicine Clerkship (4 cr.) A part of the Senior Core Curriculum. EM gives students the opportunity to learn the fundamental approach to evaluation and treatment of the undifferentiated patient with urgent or emergent conditions. Students will be assigned clinically to one of five area hospitals. Staff
  • EMER–X 720 Emergency Medicine Clerkship Elective (4 cr.) This elective is designed to accommodate IU or visiting students’ interests by providing the same opportunities for learning the efficient evaluation and management of undifferentiated patients with urgent or emergent conditions as X690. Staff
  • 93ZM i720 Title (4 cr.) 1. Provide the student with "hands-on" experience in medical informatics. 2. To educate medical students on basic informatics concepts they will encounter throughout their career. 3. Introduce and/or reinforce basic research principles. Students that pass this course will be certified at a level 3 in the Problem Solving Competency.
  • 93ZE 900 Special Elective in Toxicology (4 cr.) Students will spend time on a toxicology consult service which covers four hospitals - Methodist, Wishard, Riley, and IU. Dedicated didactic series will help students understand and manage commonly seen poisonings and exposures.
  • 93ZE 740 Special Elective in EMS (4 cr.) This elective is designed to give both IU and visiting students more in depth exposure to Emergency Medical Services. Students work with faculty members in the Division of Out of Hospital Care on various areas of Medical Direction. Students will be exposed to all spectrums of prehospital care from day to day operations, to mass gathering and tactical medicine. At the end of the elective, the student will have a better appreciation of prehospital emergency care and the various duties of a large EMS system Medical Director.
  • 93ZE 730 Emergency Medicine Students In Research (4 cr.) This elective is intended to promote research and evidence-based medicine education to medical students. The program provides on-line didactics, assigned readings and tests to insure that the students gain an understanding of basic clinical research principles, research ethics, and evidence-based medicine. It represents a unique opportunity to allow medical students to directly participate in the performance of clinical research, while also providing them with an education on basic research methodology and research ethics.

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