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Medical Biophysics Interdisciplinary Program in Biomolecular Imaging

  • MED–G 613 Advanced Cellular Imaging (4 cr.) The course goal is to introduce the imaging methods and concepts that are used to extract information about cellular structure and function. The course emphasizes general principles of light microscopy, electron microscopy and digital imaging as modalities of cellular imaging. Applications and examples relate to analysis of cellular properties. Dunn and Staff
  • MED–G 614 Advanced Molecular Imaging (2 cr.) The course emphasizes general principles of macromolecular structure and dynamics applied to ensemble and single molecules. Methodologies use visible light, electrons, X-ray diffraction, and atomic force mapping as modes of molecular imaging. Naumann and Staff
  • MED–G 733 Introduction to Biomolecular Imaging (1 cr.) The goal of the course is to introduce key concepts that carry through all types of biological microsopy, and provide examples of how these concepts of modern imaging apply in the real world at the level of cellular and molecular imaging. The course will include a survey of the principles and application of modern microscopic imaging modalitites. Akinson and Staff
  • MED–G 749 Introduction to Structural Biology (1 cr.) General principles of macromolecular structure determination and X-ray crystallography. Applications to protein and nucleic acid structure analysis.  Staff
  • MED–A 610 Research in Biophysics (1-15 cr.) Staff

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