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Near Eastern Languages and Cultures


Professor Asma Afsaruddin*

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Core Faculty


Asma Afsaruddin*, Salman H. Al-Ani*, Salih Altoma* (Emeri­tus), Stephen Katz*, M. Nazif Shahrani*, John Walbridge*

Associate Professors

Aziza Khazzoom*, Abdulkader Sinno*, Stephen Vinson*

Assistant Professors

Guadalupe Gonalez Dieguez, Kevin W. Martin*, Nader Morkus*

Senior Lecturers

Zaineb Istrabadi

Adjunct Professors

Henry Glassie* (Emeritus, Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Feisal A. R. Istrabadi, Herbert Marks* (Comparative Literature), Thomas Mathiesen* (Jacobs School of Music)

Adjunct Associate Professors

Jane Goodman* (Communication and Culture), Matthias Lehm­ann* (History), Paul Losensky* (Central Eurasian Studies, Com­parative Literature)

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Margaret Graves* (History of Art), David McDonald* (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Kaya Sahin (History)

Affiliated Professors

Devin DeWeese* (Central Eurasian Studies), Karen Rasler* (Po­litical Science), Ruth Stone* (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)

Affiliated Associate Professors

John Hanson* (History), R. Kevin Jaques* (Religious Studies)

Director of Graduate Studies

Stephen Vinson*, Memorial Hall M19, (812) 856-6736

Academic Bulletins

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