Degree Requirements

Ph.D. Degree

Qualifying Examinations

This examination, given at such time and in such manner as the major department shall determine, shall be written, although additional oral examinations may be required. The qualifying examination shall cover the major subjects and may, at the discretion of the minor department(s) or the interdepartmental committee, cover the minor subjects as well.

Normally, the qualifying examination is taken after the student has completed all course work for the Ph.D. All such work of­fered in partial fulfillment of degree requirements must either have been completed within seven consecutive calendar years of the passing of the qualifying examination or be revalidated according to procedures outlined in this bulletin (see Revalida­tion). For students in combined M.D./Ph.D. programs, all course work offered in partial fulfillment of degree requirements of the Ph.D. must have been completed within nine consecutive calendar years preceding the passing of the qualifying examination; for students in Ph.D. programs in music, within 10 consecutive years. Reading proficiency required in one or more foreign lan­guages must also have been demonstrated, whether by course work or examination, no more than seven years before the passing of the qualifying examination. In the case of an exami­nation of more than one part, the date of passing is regarded as the date of passing the final portion of the examination, typically the oral examination. Students who fail the qualifying examination are normally allowed to retake it only once. The qualifying examination must be passed at least eight months before the date the degree is awarded. Some programs may have deadlines which are earlier than those of the University Graduate School; therefore, students should consult with their program office.

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