Degree Requirements

Ph.D. Degree

Continuing Enrollment

Students who have passed the qualifying examination must enroll each semester (excluding summer sessions) for any remaining required course work or dissertation credits. Once such students have accumulated 90 credit hours in completed course work and deferred dissertation credits, they must enroll for a minimum of 1 hour of graduate credit each semester until the degree is completed. Failure to meet this requirement will automatically terminate the student’s enrollment in the degree program. Students who have completed 90 credit hours and all requirements for the Ph.D. are eligible to enroll in G901 for a flat fee of $150 per semester. Enrollment in G901 is limited to a total of six semesters. These hours do not count toward the required 90 credit hours of course work. (For students not on campus, enrollment may be completed by mail.)

A candidate who will be graduated in June, July, or August of any year must enroll in a minimum of 1 hour of credit as de­scribed above in either the current or the immediately preced­ing summer session.

Academic Bulletins

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