Degree Requirements

Ph.D. Degree

Admission to Candidacy Status

Following the passing of the qualifying examination and the completion of all course work and departmental language or research-skill requirements (if any), the student’s advisory committee will submit a Nomination to Candidacy Form to the University Graduate School. Upon approval of the dean, the student will be admitted to candidacy and awarded a Certifi­cate of Candidacy upon request. The date of successful completion of the qualifying examination (not the date of final approval of candi­dacy) is the one used in determining the seven-year periods for currency of courses (see Qualifying Examination) and comple­tion of the dissertation (see Submission of the Dissertation).

The policy of the Graduate Faculty is that students may be dismissed for failure to maintain adequate academic progress toward the degree.  For candidates, this standard is set by the faculty of each program or by the student's dissertation committee. The student must first be notified of deficient academic progress by being placed on probation for one semester.  If the deficiency is not rectified, the student may be dismissed. 

Academic Bulletins

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