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Professor Lois R. Wise* (Public and Environmental Affairs)

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(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Robert H. Schaffer Class of 1967 Endowed Chair

William Corsaro* (Sociology)

Rudy Professors

Karen Hanson* (Philosophy)

Ameritech Endowed Chairs

David Audretsch* (Public and Environmental Affairs)

Distinguished Professors

David Audretsch* (Public and Environmental Affairs)


Matt Auer* (Public and Environmental Affairs), Joelle Bahloul* (Jewish Studies and Anthropology), Domenico Bertoloni-Meli* (History and Philosophy of Science), Maryellen Bieder* (Spanish and Portuguese), Hannah Buxbaum* (Law), Linda Charnes* (English), Andrea Ciccarelli* (French and Italian), Allen Douglas* (History and West European Studies), Michelle Facos* (Fine Arts), Kari Gade* (Germanic Studies), Kirsten Gronbjerg* (Public and Environmental Affairs), Jeffrey Hart* (Political Science), David Hertz* (Comparative Literature), Carl Ipsen* (History), Dov-Ber Kerler* (Germanic Studies and Jewish Studies), Dan Knudsen* (Geography), Catherine Larson* (Spanish and Portuguese), Eric MacPhail* (French and Italian), Jacques Merceron* (French and Italian), Emanuel Mickel* (French and Italian), Richard Nash* (English), Christine Ogan* (Emerita, Journalism and Informatics), David Pace* (History), William Rasch* (Germanic Studies), Toivo Raun* (Central Eurasian Studies and History), Alvin Rosenfeld* (English and Jewish Studies), Darlene Sadlier* (Spanish and Portuguese), William Scheuerman* (Political Science and West European Studies), Rex Sprouse* (Germanic Studies), Wayne Storey* (French and Italian), Stephen Watt* (English), Lars Willnat* (Journalism), Lois R. Wise* (Public and Environmental Affairs)

Associate Professors

Guillaume Ansart* (French and Italian), Julie Auger* (French and Italian and Linguistics), Fritz Breithaupt* (Germanic Studies), Bonnie Brownlee* (School of Journalism), Michel Chaouli* (Germanic Studies), J. Cesar Felix-Brasdefer* (Spanish and Portuguese), Aurelian Craiutu* (Political Science), Laurent Dekydtspotter* (French and Italian and Second Language Studies), Lynn Duggan (Labor Studies), Mary Favret* (English), Sergio Fernandez (Public and Environmental Affairs), Arthur Field* (History), Kimberly Geeslin* (Spanish and Portuguese), Margaret Gray* (French and Italian), Owen V. Johnson* (Journalism), Herbert Marks* (Comparative Literature), Luise McCarty* (Education), Patricia McManus* (Sociology), Angela Pao* (Comparative Literature), Massimo Scalabrini* (French and Italian), Abdulkader Sinno* (Political Science), Rebecca Spang* (History), Margaret Sutton* (Education), Reyes Vila-Belda* (Spanish and Portuguese), Steven Wagschal* (Spanish and Portuguese)

Assistant Professors

Edgar Illas* (Spanish and Portuguese), Beate Sissenich* (Political Science and Gender Studies), Timothy Hellwig* (Political Science), Estella Vieira* (Spanish and Portuguese), Brigitta Wagner* (Germanic Studies)


Cigdem Balim-Harding*, Gene Coyle, Marti Grau, Esther Ham, Franklin L. Hess, Gergana May

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Ballantine Hall 542, (812) 855-3280

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