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Cognitive Science



Colin Allen*, (History and Philosophy of Science)

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Chancellor’s Professors

Robert L. Goldstone* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), David B. Pisoni* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Elliot R. Smith*(Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Chancellor’s Professor and Distinguished Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Robert Nosofsky*, Linda Smith *

College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science; Adjunct Professor of Comparative Literature; Director, Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition

Douglas R. Hofstadter*
Distinguished Professor of Biology and Gender Studies

Ellen D. Ketterson*

Distinguished Professor and Luther Dana Waterman Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Richard M. Shiffrin*

Distinguished Professor and Rudy Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

James T. Townsend* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Distinguished Scholars of Psychological and Brain Sciences

William Estes

Elenor Cox Riggs Professor

Aina Puce* (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Director of Imaging Research Facility)

Oscar R. Ewing Professor of Philosophy

J. Michael Dunn (Emeritus)

Provost's Professor

Colin Allen* (History and Philosophy of Science)

Barbara B. Jacobs Chair in Education and Technology

Thomas M. Duffy*, Olaf Sporns* (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Neuroscience)

Rudy Professors

Bennett Bertenthal* (Psychological and Brain Sciences),  Stanley Was­serman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Sociology, Statistics)


Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig* (Second Language Stud­ies), Randall Beer* (School of Informatics and Computing), Geoffrey Bingham* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Katy Börner* (Information Science), Jerome Busemeyer* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Phil Connell* (Speech and Hearing Sciences, Linguis­tics), Jonathon Crystal* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Steven Franks* (Linguistics, Slavic Languages and Litera­ture), Judith Gierut* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Andrew Hanson* (School of Informatics and Computing), John Kruschke* (Psychological and Brain Scienc­es), Annie Lang* (Telecommunications), David Leake* (School of Informatics and Computing), Richard Lesh* (School of Education), Lawrence Moss* (Mathematics), Timothy O’Connor* (Philosophy), Jonathan Plucker* (Educational Psychology), Robert Port* (Emeritus, Linguistics, School of Informatics and Computing), Yvonne Rogers* (Information and Library Science, Informatics), Kathy Schick* (Anthropology), Martin Siegel* (School of Education),  (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Erik Stolterman* (School of Informatics and Computing), William Timber­lake* (Emeritus, Psychological and Brain Sciences), Peter Todd* (Cognitive Science, School of Informatics and Computing), Nicholas Toth* (Anthropology), Michael W. Trosset* (Statistics), Larry Yaeger* (School of Informatics and Computing)
Associate Professors

Johan Bollen (Informatics), Thomas Busey* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Rowan Candy* (Optometry), Kenneth de Jong* (Linguistics), Hamid Ekbia (Information and Library Science, Cognitive Science), Julia Fox* (Telecommunications), Michael Gasser* (School of Informatics and Computing, Cognitive Science), Lisa Gershkoff-Stowe* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Jason Gold* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Eric Isaacson* (Music), Thomas W. James* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Jennifer Lentz* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Jonathan W. Mills* (School of Informatics and Computing), Sharlene Newman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), John Paolillo* (Information and Library Science), Luiz Pessoa* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Robert F. Potter* (Telecommunications), Luis Rocha* (Informatics), Thomas Schoenemann (Anthropology)

Assistant Professors

John M. Beggs* (Physics), Joshua W. Brown* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Nathaniel Brown (School of Education), Amy Cook* (Theatre History, Theory and Literature), Isabelle Darcy (Second Language Studies), David Crandall* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Markus Dickinson* (Linguistics), Melissa Gresalfi (Learning Sciences, School of Education), Amit Hagar* (History and Philoso­phy of Science), Karin Harman James* (Psychological & Brain Sciences), Kris Hauser (School of Informatics and Computing), Michael Jones* (Cognitive Sciences, Psychological and Brain Sciences), Sandra Kuebler* (Linguistics), Chien-Jer Charles Lin (East Asian Studies), Nicholas Port* (Optometry), Robert Joseph Rydell* (Psychological & Brain Sciences), Selma Sabanovic (School of Informatics and Computing), Chen Yu* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Associate Faculty

Barbara Jacobs Chair in Education
Donald J. Cunningham* (Emeritus)

Chancellor’s Professors

James C. Craig* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Daniel Dinnsen* (Emeritus, Linguistics), Steven Sherman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

John F. Mee Chair of Management

Phillip Podsakoff*

Martha Lea and Bill Armstrong Chair in Teacher Education

Frank K. Lester* (Emeritus)

Robert A. Lucas Chair of Law

Jeffrey Evans Stake*

Rudy Professor

George von Furstenberg* (Emeritus, Economics)
Alessandro Vespignani* (Informatics and Computing)


Joyce Alexander* (School of Education), Curtis Bonk* (School of Education), Arthur Bradley* (Optometry), Edward Castronova* (Telecommunications), Jordi Cat* (History and Philosophy of Science), J. Clancy Clements* (Linguistics, Spanish and Portuguese), Ivor K. Davies* (Emeritus, Instructional Systems Technology), Stuart Davis* (Linguistics), Joseph Farley* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Daniel Friedman* (School of Informatics and Computing), Preston Garraghty* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Jeffrey Hart* (Political Sci­ence), Beverly Hartford* (Emeritus, Linguistics), Julia Heiman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), William Hetrick* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Ed Hirt* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Susan Jones* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Mark Kaplan (Philosophy), Eugene Kintgen* (Emeritus, English), Elisabeth Lloyd* (History and Philosophy of Science), Kirk Ludwig (Philosophy), David MacKay* (Emeritus, Busi­ness, Geography), Daniel Maki* (Emeritus, Mathematics), Emilia Martins* (Biology), David McCarty* (Philosophy), Eugene McGregor Jr.* (Public and Environmental Affairs, Political Sci­ence), Michael McRobbie* (School of Informatics and ComputingInformatics, Philosophy), Laura Murray* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Brian O'Donnell( (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Christopher Peebles* (Emeritus, Anthropology), Philip Podsakoff* (Busi­ness), Paul Purdom* (School of Informatics and Computing), Christopher Raphael* (Informatics), Charles Reigeluth* ( School of Education), Robert Sherwood* (School of Education), Maynard Thompson* (Emeritus, Mathematics), Larry Thibos* (Optometry), Frederick Unverzagt (Medical and Molecular Genetics, Medical Neurobiology), Michael J. Wade* (Biology), James Walker* (Economics), Charles Watson* (Emeritus, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Psychological and Brain Sciences), Arlington Williams II* (Economics), Wayne Winston* (Business)

Associate Professors

Julie Anderson (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Raquel Ander­son* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Eli Blevis* (Informatics), Fritz Breithaupt* (Germanic Studies), Michel Chaouli* (Germanic Studies), Tom Evans* (Geography), Theodore Frick* (School of Education), Dennis Groth* (School of Informatics and Computing), Kenneth Hay* (Learning Sciences, School of Education), Daniel Hickey* (School of Education), Erick Janssen* (The Kinsey Institute, Psychological and Brain Sciences), Yoshihisa Kitagawa* (Linguistics), Filippo Menczer* (School of Informatics and Computing,School of Informatics and Computing), Gregory Rawlins* (School of Informatics and Computing), Dennis Senchuk* (Philosophy, Education), Bruce Solomon* (Mathematics), Frances Trix (An­thropology, Linguistics)

Assistant Professors

Yong Yeol Ahn* (Informatics), Shazzen S. Attari (School of Public and Environmental Affairs), Tessa Bent (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Joshua Danish (School of Education), Ying Ding* (Department of Information and Library Science), Amy Hacken­berg (School of Education), Rachael Holt (Speech and Hearing Sciences), S. Lee Hong (Public Health), Laura Hurley* (Biology), Karen Iler Kirk (Otolarynoglogy), Adam Maltese (School of Education), Armin P. Moczek* (Biology, Indiana Molecular Biology Institute, Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior), Kal­pana Shankar* (School of Informatics and Computing), David Stringer (Second Language Studies)
Associate Scientists

Gary Kidd* (Speech and Hearing Sciences)

Senior Lecturer

Leah Savion (Philosophy)

Senior Research Analyst/Programmer

Hui Zhang (Advanced Visualization Lab)

Graduate Advisor

Peter Todd* (Cognitive Sciences, School of Informatics and Computing), 812-855-3914

Academic Bulletins

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